Google previews new ‘App Mall’ for ChromeOS

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'App Mall'

Google has offered a preview of their exciting new project, the “App Mall”. Designed for ChromeOS, this innovation aims to transform how Chromebook users find and install apps and games.

The App Mall promises a superior, user-friendly interface to enhance browsing. By consolidating all applications in one platform, finding specific apps becomes a walk in the park.

The platform also provides a stage for developers to show off their cutting-edge apps, cultivating a diverse and dynamic community.

The broader tech world is waiting with bated breath for the official launch date, following a public preview that drove high expectations.

The App Mall extends beyond just Chromebooks – it’s a standard web application that can be accessed and used on any device, increasing its versatility and reach. Be it your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or any other web-enabled device, the App Mall’s functionality remains consistent.

The App Mall operates around Home, Apps, and Games sections, and includes a search feature.

Exploring Google’s upcoming App Mall

It showcases highlighted apps and games, offering greater visibility for selected applications and platforms. However, currently, only web and Android apps are supported.

The App Mall shares similarities with the existing Explore app on ChromeOS in architecture and functions. Yet, it manages to set itself apart with unique features like an “Experiment” tag and a shortcut to the Play Store in the sidebar.

Furthermore, the App Mall will introduce a “flag” feature that transforms the platform into a dedicated shortcut on ChromeOS’s app shelf, making app discovery and installation easier for users. Your favourite apps will conveniently have their unique icons on ChromeOS’s app shelf.

Google is actively looking for user feedback to improve and differentiate the App Mall from the current Explore app. The tireless tech giant is aiming to refine the user experience and solidify a unique identity for the App Mall.

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