Israeli startup transforms jellyfish into sustainable food

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"Jellyfish Transformation"

Israeli startup, Qortein, is pioneering a transformative solution to address climate change, overpopulation, and food shortages by converting jellyfish into a food source. Through this innovative approach, the widely plentiful jellyfish population can serve as a sustainable alternative food source, aiding in the alleviation of global food scarcity.

This venture also addresses the environmental issues posed by jellyfish overpopulation in our oceans. The Mediterranean Sea, for instance, has experienced significant disruptions to aquatic ecosystems and local industries due to these invasive creatures. Qortein seeks to turn this challenge into a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Understanding the need for sustainable and practical responses, Qortein employs patented technology – conceived by Prof. Shachar Richter from the University of Tel Aviv – to convert jellyfish into food products. Through this revolutionary process, jellyfish are transformed into biomass, a potentially significant contribution to the food, nutraceuticals, and the burgeoning field of nutricosmetics industries. This novel approach also reduces the harmful impact of jellyfish invasion on aquatic ecosystems and local industries.

The company’s primary goal is to provide a natural, sustainable food source from an untapped resource, thereby presenting a twofold solution to the issues of jellyfish overpopulation and food scarcity.

Transforming jellyfish into sustainable sustenance

Beyond food, the use of jellyfish could extend to nutraceutical products, effectively providing vital nutrients in convenient forms. The potential extraction of collagen from jellyfish also introduces an unprecedented, exciting prospect for the field of nutricosmetics.

Inspired by Prof. Richter’s methods, CEO Gal Admati and his colleague Itay Dana were driven to create sustainable protein sources. Their innovative and environmentally-conscious mindset is the backbone of Qortein’s work. Ultimately, the company’s methodology stands to counteract the adverse effects of jellyfish overpopulation, foster food security, and create nutritious, environmentally-friendly food products.

The overarching mission of Qortein is rooted in sustainability, targeting the creation of a productive cycle beneficial to both the environment and consumers. By harnessing the untapped potential of jellyfish, Qortein serves as a beacon of innovative and sustainable solutions for global environmental and societal challenges.

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