Koto and Fluz partner for youthful app redesign

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"Youthful App Redesign"

Koto, a key player in the digital agency sector, has recently partnered with Fluz, a cooperative earning app, to improve the app’s brand image through a creative redesign. Titled ‘Live on Max’, this redesign aims to appeal to a younger demographic struggling with increased living costs.

The primary goal is not only to reinvent Fluz’s brand identity but to establish it as a significant earning platform for those intending to make the most out of their expenditure. The fresh and bold color theme, along with a new logo designed by Koto, reflects the forward-thinking nature of Fluz.

The reestablished brand manages to infuse modern aspects with a fresh perception of how an earning app can offer value beyond just financial earnings, extending the experience to enhance users’ lifestyle. This strategy, paired with an attractive, user-friendly interface, resonates perfectly with the target audience’s needs and habits.

The ‘Live on Max’ campaign intends to inspire users to maximize their earnings through Fluz, suggesting a lifestyle where spending can result in profitable returns.

Koto collaborates with Fluz for youthful app revamp

As a part of this initiative, Koto has restyled Fluz to address the unique behaviors and earning goals of a future-centric demographic, encapsulating these elements into the brand’s ethos.

Founded in New York in 2018, Fluz provides an easy way for people to improve their financial prowess by offering cash back on regular expenses and safe money transfers among friends. The app integrates blockchain technology, ensuring maximum security and transparency, thus enhancing its reliability.

The new branding is aiming to generate interest in the age group of 18 to 32 years. The rebranding concept challenges the notion that financial opportunities are for those with significant savings, using compelling visuals to engage Gen Z users straddling finance and community.

The artful combination of typography, color, and core brand values have been employed to create a contemporary image that is built to last. A refreshing look, coupled with the transparent and customer-centric values, will help redefine how customers perceive and interact with the brand. This speaks not just to the brand’s aesthetics, but also to its values, history, and future ambitions.

This collaboration between these two leading brands, Koto and Fluz, could pave the way for a new era in the digital earning market, characterized by innovation, interactivity, and a more profound user understanding.

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