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When you get a speeding ticket, you have two options. You can essentially admit guilt and pay whatever fines or you can try and fight the speeding ticket.

Getting a speeding ticket lawyer in some cases makes sense, but consider all these options first before going out and hiring a lawyer.

What are some reasons that someone might need to hire an attorney due to a speeding ticket?

Many states have point systems that when you gain too many points for violations you lose your license. If you are at the point where if you admit guilt to the ticket you lose your license for 6 months or even a year, it makes sense the spend the money to have a lawyer look into your issue and even fight for your cause in court. It would be more convenient to pay more for the lawyer than the actual ticket costs to keep your ability to drive especially if you are the only one in your household who drives.

Another reason to hire a lawyer is because it’s an out of state violation. Most of the time out of state tickets put one in quite a bind. They either pay the fee or show up in court. But what happens when court is 300+ miles away? Hiring a lawyer in this case can try to help you out with court dates or even getting the ticket dropped beforehand so you don’t have to deal with the issue.

Why might you not want to hire an attorney for traffic violations?

Attorney fees per hour alone, at least $100, will cost more than most tickets. So even in the case you do not feel like you are guilty of the ticket, it’s cheaper to pay the court costs and ticket fees than it is to pay for hundreds of dollars worth of lawyer fees.

There are ways of beating speeding tickets without the help of a lawyer so that you can avoid fines without having to pay an attorney their costs per hour.

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