Using Technology to Keep Employees Connected and Productive through the Winter

  During winter, employees might be finding it difficult to stay plugged in at work. Kicking off the cold weather with the holidays, then entering the new year with the flu season and an inevitable slew of snow and ice storms, business owners are turning to cloud-based technology to maintain employee productivity. Cloud-based services, including cloud unified communication […]

Telecommuters Are An Essential Part of Your Team: Here Are Some Ways to Acknowledge Them and Keep Them Connected

Human beings have a tendency to pay more attention to what’s in their vicinity rather than what’s outside their field of view. This natural tendency might make you unintentionally neglectful the needs of telecommuters who work at home and don’t often work with the teams in the offices of your company. Your telecommuters clock in […]

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Got Remote Workers? 8 Key Points to Include in Your Remote Work Policy

Win-win. That’s how many small businesses describe having all or some staff working remotely. Apart from reaping tangible benefits like lower operating costs (from saving on things like rent and utilities), companies usually notice improved staff morale and productivity because of more flexible work schedules, and for some, relief from traffic-congested commutes. But to keep […]