The Power of Mobility for SMB’s: Join the Twitter Chat July 16th!

On Wednesday, July 16th, join us for a chat on Twitter to discuss The Power of Mobility for SMB’s: Obstacles and Opportunities – #HPGoinMobile. This will be a great way to take part in a fun and informative conversation, led by HP(@HP_SmallBiz) and joined by myself @RamonRay) and expert / influencer Smallbiztrends (@SmallBizTrends), where we’ll […]

5 Cool Content Marketing Tools to Help Your Business Spread Ideas and Get Attention

What I love about content marketing is that there are so many tools and apps out there to help small businesses do more with less effort. We’re all strapped for time and cash, so any tool that can maximize marketing results is worth giving a second look. When it comes to trying to spread your […]

Scheduled Tweets: Twitter Adds The Service But You’ve Got To Fine-Tune So Your Business Benefits

Twitter has announced the addition of scheduled tweets to their advertising and promotion functions, where companies and advertisers can pre-arrange tweets several days, weeks or even months in advance. While this is a new offering from Twitter, it’s something that businesses have been doing for a while. The trick to scheduling tweets is how to […]