Are You Ready To Use Facebook Messenger for Customer Service?

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fb messenger screen shot

Your customers are already pinging you through social networks to get your attention. They do this because your inboxes are full (and taking too long to respond) , snail mail is not practical and your telephone lines take too long to be answered.

Customers know that when they send you a message on Twiter, you’re gonna reply because you don’t want to be publicly shamed.

Facebook has done a nice job evolving how companies can use FB Messenger as a customer service tool, as reported by Techchruch. What’s not so great, but expected, is that those companies will now start to flood your messenger inbox with advertising – sigh.

If your customer service is just via a telephone bank or email, you must consider new ways to better serve your customers. Social customer service is one way and don’t forget about live chat as well.

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