Smart Hustle Recap: Small Business Administration Interview, How to Seize Small Business Opportunities, and More!

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Small Business Administration Interview, How to Seize Small Business Opportunities, and More!Small business owners may sometimes feel like they are struggling alone, but the truth is there are many resources available if you know where to look. One excellent resource is the Small Business Administration, or SBA. The SBA is an educational portal that includes articles, videos, and resources you need to get your business running and to make it successful. They also offer small business loans and grants, and regional offices where you can get local assistance. In this Smart Hustle recap we are featuring a Small Business Administration interview where you can learn more – an exclusive interview with the SBA Administrator, Maria Contreras-Sweet. We are also sharing articles about marketing, Facebook’s Instant Articles program, and how you can seize more small business opportunities.

Small Business Administration Interview

Maria Contreras-Sweet is the administrator of the SBA. In this interview, she is sharing information about SBA resources and the general mission of the SBA – “to amplify the voice of small business.” She also gives some small business advice and speculates about the future of global business. Take a few minutes of your day to listen to this important information.

Click to read SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet Shares How the SBA Can Help Your Small Business Succeed.

How to Make Your Marketing & Sales Work Together

In this article by Biz Expert Adrian Miller, she explains that marketing and sales should go together like peanut butter and jelly. Only when they work together can you see the results you want in your small business. Why is an integrated strategy so difficult – and what can you do to make sure they work together and you don’t waste your marketing budget? Find out in this article.

Click to read Don’t Waste More Money on Marketing.

New Social Media Marketing Option – Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles has been around for about a year, but up until this point it has been restricted to certain large publishers, like the New York Times. However, on April 12, 2016, the platform will open to ALL publishers – meaning that if you have a business blog, you can publish and gain new readers and followers on this platform. Normally that would be tricky to do, but there is a new WordPress plugin (also launching on April 12) that will make it super simple. In this article you can learn more and ready your business for the launch date.

Click to read Facebook Instant Articles WordPress Plugin Makes Small Businesses Reach Bigger Audiences.

Seizing Small Business Opportunities

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you need to be ready to grab unexpected opportunities when they appear. However, you also need to go out and make those opportunities happen! This article features four ways that you can prepare, thus allowing you to grab the next opportunity that falls in your lap.

Click to read When Opportunity Knocks: 4 Ways to Grab Small Business Opportunities.

This week’s Smart Hustle Roundup is full of valuable advice, including how the SBA can help your small business, how to get the most out of your marketing budget, how to take advantage of the latest Facebook marketing tool, and how to grab those important small business opportunities.

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