Prezi Upgrades: Adding Business Features To Power Point Competitor

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Prezi the leading “non-linear” presentation creator. Whereas Microsoft Power Point is linear, meaning your points are in a traditional outline format and go from point to point, with Prezi you can have multiple pathways throughout your presentation.

If you have been wanting to “jazz” up your presentations, consider Prezi. But remember, whatever you choose, your digital presentation is only a PROP. YOU are the main actor and your speaking skills should be amzing!

Prezi recently launched the business edition which includes the following features:

  • Advanced Collaboration – Co-editing and commenting features support real-time collaboration and eliminate the need for version control, allowing users to talk to each other directly in their prezis, no matter their location. Prezi Business also stores presentations in the cloud, letting users sort, select, or link them together from a single location. This content can then be shared with colleagues for collaborative development, and with customers who may then bring it into their own organizations to continue the conversation as needed.
  • Prezi Analytics– Real-time analytics give organizations feedback to help sales and marketing departments focus on customers with the highest need. Presenters can employ real-time usage data to determine when to follow up with a prospect, or learn which topics resonated with their audience. Managers can use the analytics leaderboard to track their entire team’s performance and improve productivity. 
  • Integration with Slack — Slack gives Prezi Business users a unique way to enhance collaboration on the presentations they build through the communication channel that has significantly improved business productivity. Prezi users can now receive Slack notifications when  someone has commented on their prezi; when someone has shared a prezi with them; and when someone has edited their prezi. It also sends notifications when their prezi is being viewed and analyzed so they can get real-time feedback from their audience.
  • Remote HD Presenting – Every Prezi Business customer gets their own password-protected virtual meeting room, where they can host remote presentations to be viewed by anyone, anywhere. Remote presentations are smooth and unpixelated. They can be viewed or presented in HD, without the need for screensharing software.
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