Smart Hustle Recap: The Importance of Existing Customers, Surcharging Credit Cards, & More!

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Smart Hustle Recap: The Importance of Existing Customers, Surcharging Credit Cards, & More!What part of the sales funnel does your business focus on? Are you constantly looking for and finding new leads? Or is your main goal to nurture your existing leads, so they become customers? Or do you make your existing customers the spotlight of your sales and marketing efforts? Clearly, there is something to be said for investing in all of these areas, but in this Smart Hustle Recap, we just might convince you that focusing on existing customers is the key to growing profit. The Recap also includes stories about surcharging credit cards, learning management systems, and the hidden blocks that are holding you back from the success you deserve. Dive in by learning about the articles below.

The Importance of Existing Customers

These days, people do business with companies that they’ve formed “relationships” with, which means that a focus on existing customers can boost your customer retention, customer loyalty and, therefore, your profit. This article features four best practices for paying attention to existing customers, including how to deepen your relationships, stay in contact, and give your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

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Should You Surcharge?

Surcharging has definite benefits and costs. On the one hand, it helps you recoup the costs of credit card charges. However, on the other hand, your customers might not appreciate these extra fees. This article is designed to help you decide if surcharging is right for your business, sharing pros, cons, considerations, and alternatives to surcharging.

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Boost Your Training with a Learning Management System

Training is an important part of bringing new employees aboard, implementing new systems and procedures, and keeping all of your team members at the top of their game. Have you ever considered a learning management system? These online systems help you create training programs that standardize the training process in an online e-learning program that you can customize to employees and also use to track their progress.

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What Is Holding You Back from Success?  

Do you ever feel frustrated because you seem to be hitting an invisible brick wall – that there is something holding you back, but you can’t quite pinpoint what it is? It’s time to let go of these hidden blocks so you can find the success you deserve! This article reveals three potential sources of your hidden blocks, so you can resolve the issue and move forward in your business.

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