Facebook Changes Algorithms (Again) To Focus on Friends and Family: Build Your Email List.

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I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, if you want to succeed in digital marketing ONE of the things you MUST do is to build your email list. Collect email addresses at every opportunity – especially on your web site. Facebook is changing its algorithm to ensure it gives TOP news feed posts to friends and family.

You’ll have to purposefully use the drop down menu of the like button to tell Facebook you want to hear more from your favorite brands, if you want to hear from them.

The NY Times writes – Adam Mosseri, the Facebook manager in charge of the news feed, said in a recent interview that informing and entertaining users was also part of the company’s mission. But he made clear that news and entertainment were secondary pursuits.

“We think more, spend more time and work on more projects that try to help people express themselves with their friends or learn about their friends or have conversations with their friends,” he said.

So yes, use social media, post engaging content and be organic. YES – purchase advertising on social networks to buy more visibility to your content. But it’s important to ALSO build your email list so no matter what algorithms are changes on social networks, you still have a direct way to reach your customers, prospects or fan base – via email or text or even traditional mail!

While social media marketing is powerful – email marketing can be just as powerful or even more powerful.

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