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8 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media

The effecvtiveness of email marketing is often ignored by marketers. However, email

Rakshit Hirapara Rakshit Hirapara

13 Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates — and Engagement

What are some ways that you can increase your email open rates

Young Entrepreneur Council Young Entrepreneur Council

5 Ways to Grow an Email List that Actually Converts

As a marketer, what do you think is the best method of

Megan Totka Megan Totka

This 3-Step B2B Marketing Plan Can Bring You More Sales

I get it: You’ve probably had your fair share of reading countless

Itai Elizur Itai Elizur

Filling the Funnel: 3 Steps to Turning Cold Leads into Hot Prospects

Every business has its periods of ebb and flow. Some months have

Itai Elizur Itai Elizur

Battle of the Giants – Facebook vs. Email

Where do you spend your marketing budget? Social media automation comes at

Itai Elizur Itai Elizur

7 Ways To Use Email Signatures As Sneaky Call to Actions

On average, each office worker receives 121 emails a day, and Radicati

Itai Elizur Itai Elizur

The One Problem Your Email Newsletter Has and How To Solve It.

Increasingly I find myself clicking "unsubscribe" to email newsletters. I don't want

Ramon Ray Ramon Ray

6 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Sucks

Content marketing makes up a huge part of most brands’ marketing strategies.

Itai Elizur Itai Elizur