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No matter how much effort you’ve put into perfecting email marketing messages,

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7 Email Personalization Techniques That Work Better Than Changing a Name

This means we can personalize a customer’s shopping experience or increase the

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6 Signs You’re Over-Segmenting Your Marketing Automation Campaigns

Email marketing automation software and personalization is becoming more hyped with the

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Grow Your Email List. How A Psychologist Did It In One Month.

In November of 2015 I attended a conference where the speaker presented

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Email Encryption: Is It Time To Upgrade Your Communication? New GoDaddy Offering

WikiLeaks is only one, in a long line of issues that face

Ramon Ray Ramon Ray

The One Problem Your Email Newsletter Has and How To Solve It.

Increasingly I find myself clicking "unsubscribe" to email newsletters. I don't want

Ramon Ray Ramon Ray

Email Personalization Works: Hilton Garden Inn “Welcomes Ramon” via Email

What a nice, personalized, welcome email from the Hilton Garden Inn, welcoming

Ramon Ray Ramon Ray

Collaboration Tools are Important But Email Is Still Essential: Faceboook Agrees

Even, Facebook, the leader in "social communication" agrees that email, for business

Ramon Ray Ramon Ray

You Don’t Need Slack To Be Productive. You Need Discipline.

I've heard it more than once, that you can use Slack to

Ramon Ray Ramon Ray