Smart Hustle Recap: Small Business Week Events + 3 Amazing InterviewsSmall Business Week has officially begun! Maria Contreras-Sweet, the administrator of the Small Business Association (SBA), declared May 1-7 as the dates for Small Business Week 2016, so it is officially time to boost your small business knowledge and celebrate your favorite small businesses. In this Smart Hustle Recap we have a huge list of Small Business Week events to share with you. Our other stories feature three amazing interviews that can teach you about new technology, business growth, and the importance of follow-ups. Let’s dive in!

Small Business Week Events

Small Business Week is an initiative of the SBA so they are running a special series of Small Business Week events which includes live events (with live streaming online) and webinars to educate small business owners. However, many other companies are joining in on the fun with their own events, including contests, promotions, training, and dedicated content. This article covers all the main events so you can participate.

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The Importance of Follow-Up

In this interview with SCOTTeVEST founder Scott Jordan, he tells us about what he says is the “one reason for my success” – following up on every opportunity that comes his way. He explains how follow-up is important in nearly every aspect of your business, whether it is customer and advertising inquiries or daily business operations. The informative audio interview is bolstered with a list of Scott’s top 6 tips for successful follow-up.

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New Tool to Generate PR Buzz

As it stands right now, the PR process is pretty messy. Businesses want media coverage, but reporters often feel ‘spammed’ by PR teams who fill up their inboxes with pitches. At SXSW 2016, Ramon learned about a new tool called Babbler that is aimed at improving the process. Babbler works like a social media site and helps to connect business marketers with right reporters who are looking to cover stories on that topic. The result – reporters get content they need to make great stories, and businesses get the media coverage they are looking for.

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It’s Time to Grow Your Business

In this video interview, Ramon gets the opportunity to chat with Amanda Holmes, CEO of the business growth company Chet Holmes International. The video full of tips on how to take your business to the next level. In the article, we’ve also pulled out some of Amanda’s tips as the must-follow rules for business growth. This article is sure to put you on the path to success.

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What Small Business Week events will you be participating in? Which interview are you going to check out first?  Let us know in the comments and check out for help on your other small business questions.