Jess Cooper

Jess Cooper is a part-time journalist and blogger based in Sydney, Australia. She is an energetic, creative, highly motivated person with plenty of interests. The most prominent areas of interest include makeup and cosmetics, fashion, style, event organization and decoration, healthy food, fitness, learning languages as well as home improvement. Jess loves learning about new things and having the chance to combine those insights with her ideas and spread them to the world. She enjoys having a mindful and well-organized, healthy life, filled with all kinds of different activities and interwoven with close friendships.
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How to Boost the Online Presence of Your Real Estate Business

Having an online presence is of key importance for every business. It

Jess Cooper Jess Cooper

How to Target the Right Audience for Your Baby Clothes Website

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How to Advertise Your Fashion Business in the Right Way

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How to Start Your Own Preschool Business

If you love kids as well as their young, aspiring minds, you

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