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The Shift to Digital Payments: A Necessary Step for Small Businesses

Small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, and many have

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How to Target the Right Audience for Your Baby Clothes Website

Having quality baby clothes and a great, user-friendly website is not enough

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How to Advertise Your Fashion Business in the Right Way

When it comes to fashion businesses, the competition is fierce nowadays. To

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Will Grocery Stores Ban Cashiers?

Cashiers have possibly the most challenging job in the supermarket. They are

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SMB Strategy to Survive Disruption: Low Pricing.

The following are some strategies for small businesses to succeed during supply

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Business on Black Friday

40% of shoppers will buy on Black Friday. What does this mean

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4 Reasons Your Business Should Not Be Cash Only

There are many factors that play a part in every consumer’s purchase.

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New ShopKeep Video Eyes the 2016 Mobile Payments Race

Mobile payments have been growing in popularity for years now, with some

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