How to Target the Right Audience for Your Baby Clothes Website

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Having quality baby clothes and a great, user-friendly website is not enough to start generating revenue. First of all, there needs to be a need for the items you’re selling. Then, you need to employ the right strategies to reach your target audience. So, you need to both have potential buyers and know how to appeal to them. If you have a baby clothes website and you are not satisfied with your current strategy to reach new customers, keep reading to learn about how to target the right audience with these simple steps.

First of all, you need to have the right audience in mind. Who is your target audience, what is their age range, and what jobs do they do – these are just some questions you should be asking yourself. Then, the next step is about choosing suitable platforms and social media where you will reach those people. Meanwhile, you should start compiling your keyword list. They will help you in creating ad copy. Additionally, it would be great to set up your budget for advertising. 

  • Start with choosing the right audience

Even though choosing the right target audience might seem like an easy thing to do, it is in fact not so easy. It goes further than just noting that the right target audience is parents. You need to dig a bit deeper. Consider what type of parents are you targeting: new parents, moms, dads, and single parents. This is important for every type of parent to look for different types of baby clothes. 

For instance, consider this. New parents would probably focus on safety, while parents with at least one more child will want items that make their life easier. A good strategy to start with is to make a list of products and note down a list of features for each one. You should have your one unique selling point feature. Then, consider who would need that type of product, and voila – you have your target audience for that particular product.

  • Choose suitable platforms and social media

The next step refers to choosing suitable platforms and social media channels. Not all platforms and social media channels are suitable for all types of products, that’s why you should be careful and considerate when choosing them. It’s not the point to create profiles across all social media channels. You should start small, with one or two most significant ones at a time. For instance, Facebook and Instagram offer you the possibility to highly customize your audience according to several factors such as their location, age, occupation, interests, and others.

On the other hand, Pinterest is great for creating different looks that can appeal to your audience. So, for example, if you’re selling baby knitwear, you could create cute looks and post them on Pinterest, which parents (most often moms) can save to their collections and perhaps decide to purchase the items they saw.

  • Come up with a plausible keywords list

Keywords are the way to help people find you more easily. They are essential for advertising. Keywords refer to the most popular words and phrases people type in Google when searching for a particular product. How do you start? For each product that you sell, you should create a list of generic keywords.

When you have that finished, you should go to Google and run a search for those keywords. You can use different strategies here to check which keywords work best for you. You can use Google Keyword Planner, Moz, Ahrefs, and a simple Google search and “people always ask” and “searches related” sections. When looking for keywords to use in your copy and website, focus on search volume, cost per click, and difficulty for each keyword.

  • Create ad copy

After you have finished all the previously mentioned steps, it’s time you moved to create ad copy. The right ad copy will attract the target audience you desire. How you phrase your ad copy highly affects whether potential customers will purchase the product. As you’re selling baby clothes, your ad copy should always focus on what would prompt a parent to buy that particular product. There are several great strategies for writing ad copy that will get you revenue. First of all, you should answer parents’ questions and concerns. Then, you should add your unique selling proposition. And of course, high-quality images of the product with a genuine description. 

  • Set up a budget for advertising

It’s also key to set up a budget for advertising. Your budget shouldn’t be too little or too much. Every business is different so there isn’t a right amount that will work for every business. When determining your budget, there are several factors you should be mindful of. Consider how competitive your business is. The more competitive, the more ad money you need to invest. Moreover, you should also consider your conversation rate goals. Also, consider whether you want to rank first on Google, where you’re targeting your ads, and whether you’re outsourcing them. 

Coming up with the right target audience for a baby clothes website is not an easy thing to do, there are several important aspects to consider. You should go step by step in order to create a plausible marketing strategy that will bring you more revenue.

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