How to Start Your Own Preschool Business

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If you love kids as well as their young, aspiring minds, you should use that to your advantage. Starting your own preschool business might just be right for you in that case, especially if you’re out of a job or if you’d like to change it. It gives you freedom and the possibility to organize your business however you like.

However, starting almost any business, preschool one as well requires you to do certain things beforehand. You should approach this business idea carefully and with plenty of consideration and thought to do the right job.

You should start with a plausible business plan as it is the base you need. Then, you should research your competitors and find an ideal location. As there are plenty of curricula available, you should consider which one(s) to implement.

It would be great if you got preschool software to help you run your business more smoothly. Moreover, you should also obtain the necessary licenses and permits. And finally, you should focus on equipping your preschool. Keep reading to learn more. 

Start with a Plausible Business Plan

A business plan is a base for every business. It is essentially an outline of your business, containing all the important information about your business. It also includes information on short as well as long-term goals, marketing strategies to be implemented as well as some future estimations.

Another key aspect of a business plan are costs involved in starting a preschool business as well as ongoing, monthly costs and all other investments needed. Writing the business plan forces you to think and plan ahead. Doing a good job in planning your business can help you avoid making mistakes.

Research your Competitors

When you have finished creating the business plan, it’s time to move to do extensive research on your competitors. Sometimes competitor research is also a part of the business plan. Nevertheless, you should find out about your competitors. Who they are, where they are located, whether they are full, what curriculum they use, what perks they offer, and so on.

Read online reviews and deduce what people want in a preschool. Check if there is some aspect nobody has covered yet and try to fill the market need for it. You should give people what they want.

Find an Ideal Location

When it comes to the right location for your child care center, there are a few options, depending on your business preferences. You can start your preschool in a part of your home, or you can rent an existing preschool facility. Additionally, you can also start your preschool from scratch, in a completely new facility. Anyway, you do need a great location.

Check your city’s zoning laws and other regulations, to check whether your intended location is compliant. The main differences between home-based and other location preschool businesses are fewer expenses and lower overhead costs, more flexible hours, and generally more convenience for you. However, they can also be a bit limiting. 

Consider Which Curriculum to Implement

As for the curricula, there are a few popular ones worldwide. You should go over each one carefully, to see what they are about. The curriculum you opt for should reflect your preschool’s aim, mission, and vision. What’s more, you don’t have to opt for only one curriculum, you can mix different aspects of various curricula.

You should focus on providing the children with a learning environment that will positively affect their academic and social development. Moreover, you should take into consideration current child development research, whether it’s practical to implement, whether it supplies support and training and whether it’s appealing to children. 

Some of the most popular curricula are the Montessori program, the Waldorf approach, and the HighScope approach. The Montessori program provides a hands-on learning environment, where educators pay attention to every child individually. It is a similar case with the HighScope approach. On the other hand, the Waldorf approach is more group-oriented, in comparison to the previously mentioned programs. Perhaps the best way to go is to create a unique framework to work by.

Get a Preschool Software

Nowadays, we have access to plenty of useful software we can use in all kinds of businesses. And you should definitely take advantage of new technology. It makes doing business easier, faster, and more optimal. By reducing the time for doing mundane tasks, you can focus on performing some other, more essential tasks. There are some preschool apps that can streamline administrative tasks.

Apps also allow you to manage your business more easily and stay in touch with parents. You can also use it to record daily events and activities and deliver real-time updates to parents. Moreover, there are also preschool apps that parents can use at home with their children.

Obtain Necessary Licenses and Permits

Child care businesses require certain licenses and permits to be obtained. They depend on each town, city, and country. So, you should get yourself familiarized with the things you need in order to run a business that involves taking care of kids. Most often, this process involves filling out some licensing applications, paying certain fees, working with a licensing agency, and going through a background check, among other things.

Equip your Preschool

When you have completed all the previously mentioned steps, you can focus on equipping your preschool. That means getting furniture suitable for a preschool, decorating walls with paint, and all kinds of educational posters. Kids should have the appropriate sleeping area as well as the area for eating. The bathroom should also be well-equipped and adapted. There should be plenty of toys, both educational ones, and free-play ones.

All in all, you should focus on making it appealing, functional, practical, and safe. Don’t forget to get insurance for your business and cover general liability insurance, property insurance, professional liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.

Starting your own business can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. Nevertheless, with thorough research and good organization, you can decrease the stress and enjoy the process more.

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