Smart Hustle Recap: Do You Need a College Degree? Plus Content and PR Tips

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Smart Hustle Recap: Do You Need a College Degree? Plus Content and PR TipsRecently on Smart Hustle we approached a very interesting topic, a topic on which I’m sure everyone has their own opinion: do you need a college degree to start and run a business? Or can you find success by taking a non-traditional path? Gather your thoughts and then check out our interview with Charles Bonfiglio below for insights from a successful franchisee who did not take the college path. Last week was a short week due to the 4th of July holiday, but we’ve also got some great articles with tips on using content to boost your biz and how to find success with PR. Get your weekly dose of Smart Hustle in the recap below.


Do You Need a College Degree to Start a Business?

Instead of going to college, Charles Bonfiglio went to work for a franchised automotive company right after high school. He worked his way up to becoming the top performer, then became a franchisee himself. After decades of experience in the franchise, he left to start his own company in 2007. So can experience alone set you out on the path to success or do you need a college degree? Join the discussion by checking out this article.

Click to read Do Entrepreneurs Need a College Degree? An Interview with Entrepreneur and Franchisee Charles Bonfiglio

How to Grow Through Clever Use of Content

Is content a tool for every business, or does it only work in certain industries and areas? In this interview with Julie Tupler of Diastasis Rechab, she argues that everyone, regardless of industry, can use content to grow. Julie is a nurse who focuses on one specific ailment – diastasis recti. Using a combination of books, DVDs, guides and more, she has created a booming business in this specific niche. The article explores how you too can use content to grow, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer or a videographer.

Click to read Boosting Your Biz through Content: An Interview with Julie Tupler of Diastasis Rehab

Your PR Cheat Sheet

Every business owner wants media coverage, but getting the attention of PR is another thing entirely. If you’ve ever tried to navigate the scary world of PR, this article for you. This cheat sheet covers all the basics of how to get your business in the spotlight, including developing a story, finding media contacts, writing a pitch and following up.

Click to read The Power of PR: Your Cheat Sheet to Getting Media Coverage

So what do you think? Do you need to go to college to start and run a successful business? Is content a good strategy, no matter what industry you’re in? Could adopting the right approach help you get the media coverage you’re looking for? Come contemplate these issues with us by reading the fore-mentioned articles – and if you have a comment to share, join the discussion in the Smart Hustle Community.

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