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Hilton Hotel Uses Personalized Video To Greet Guests Before They Arrive

I just received an email from Hilton Hotel welcoming me to one

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Video Humanizes Your Brand: 3 Tips To Use It For Your Business.

Regardless of your occupation, understanding why the use of video is becoming

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Live Video. It’s Not A Fad. It’s A Serious Business Tool.

You know that live video is exploding - from teens doing silly

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5 Reasons Every Business Owner Should Live Stream. Educate, Don’t Sell.

A few weeks ago, my wife held her first Periscope live stream

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Review: Video Editing Is Tough – Makes It Easier

Video editing is tough. I've created hundreds of videos - some I do

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Magisto for Business: Easy Way To Create Good Videos With Minimal Effort

Video is an essential engagement tool for the social world we live

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