Smart Hustle Recap: Marketing via Word-Of-Mouth, Instagram Stories, and Videos

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Smart Hustle Recap: Marketing via Word-Of-Mouth, Instagram Stories, and VideosEarlier in 2016, Smart Hustle conducted its first survey to understand the goals and challenges of Smart Hustle readers. One solid finding that emerged was that our small business readers are very concerned about marketing: marketing strategy was listed as a top challenge and survey takers said they were eager to learn more via additional marketing articles on the site. This Smart Hustle Recap shows our commitment to giving readers what they want. Some of our latest and most well-received articles all revolve around marketing, so we are recapping them below (including word-of-mouth marketing, Instagram marketing, and video marketing). Do you have your marketing endeavors under control? We’ve also thrown in one bonus article that explains a vital lesson in small business finance.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Businesses large and small love free marketing, where customers are willing and eager to sing your praises based on the positive experiences they’ve had with your company. But besides just providing great products and services, how do you drum up word-of-mouth marketing? This article explores five actionable things you can do to get more people talking about your business.

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Instagram for Business

As a newer social media platform, Instagram still has many business owners scratching their heads. How exactly do you use a platform that focuses on pictures and hashtags to grow customers and awareness? The launch of “Instagram Stories” is actually opening up new marketing potential for small businesses, provided you know how to use it. This article explains what Instagram Stories is and how you can leverage it for your biz.

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Small Business Video Marketing Ideas

If you follow marketing tips, advice and news, then chances are that you run into the subject of video marketing all the time. Unfortunately, many small businesses aren’t sure where to get started. We’ve covered basic tips in other articles, but this one gives you specific videos you could create to promote your business, including new product teasers, customer feedback, and more. It is sure to give you some great ideas to help create your first marketing video.

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Bonus Article: Must-Have Financial Roles

As promised, we also wanted to share an informative article for business owners who feel like they already have control over their marketing – and who couldn’t use a finance lesson now and again? This article, written by finance expert Jonathan Ankney, covers the three financial roles that you must have for your small business – and what happens if one of these crucial roles is missing.

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Smart Hustle readers asked for more marketing articles, and we have been happy to deliver pieces on word-of-mouth marketing, Instagram, videos and more. What other topics would you like to see us cover on Smart Hustle? See what’s available on then share your opinion over at the Smart Hustle Community.

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