High Engagement or High Follower Count: Home School Mom Blogger Tip

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Recently, I was taking a closer at my wife’s social profile – focused on home school moms. I noticed that one of her posts had 50 likes (or other engagements). She “only” has a few hundred followers, but I was impressed that with a few hundred followers she has the ability to generate huge interest in her fan base, so it was a good thing she got interested in starting a blog and sharing her interests on the web, with the help of different resources online.


Her social profile is hyper focused on home school moms. HYPER FOCUSED. Because of this focus her community, her tribe, her fans are highly engaged.

Let’s say that she wanted to sell something and started selling ebooks for home school moms, webinars and even had events for them. She would probably get an equal number of high interest – sales – for the products or services.

While having lots of followers is great – it does indicate that you have a base of interest in some degree or another, when converting those followers to buyers their level of engagement is more important.

So focus on going NARROW, GOING NICHE, being HYPER FOCUSED in your overall marketing and especially as you work on social content.

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Ramon Ray, founder and editor Smart Hustle Magazine. Entrepreneur, best selling author and global keynote speaker.