Smart Hustle Recap: Increase Your Likability, E-commerce Tools, and More!

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Smart Hustle Recap: Increase Your Likability, E-commerce Tools, and More!Dave Kerpen is the expert of likability. CEO of the appropriately named Likeable Local, he has written several bestselling books on the art of becoming more likable, including how likeability improves your power, influence, and business success. Since people buy from those whom they know, like and trust, a simple lesson on likability can help improve your relationships with customers as well as your sales. In this Smart Hustle Recap, we’re sharing a must-read interview with Dave Kerpen. We’ll also talk about other top stories of the week, including e-commerce tools, non-revenue assets, and startup valuation.

Tips for Improving Your Likability

In this intriguing Smart Hustle interview, Ramon Ray spoke with Dave Kerpen who shared the many ways that becoming more likeable can improve your business – building trust with mentors and business colleagues, developing a company culture that empowers your employees, and listening to your customers so you know what they value and how to help them.

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Must-Have E-commerce Tools

There are around 110,000 e-commerce stores online. How can you stand out in the crowd and grow a profitable small business? By using the right tools! This article covers six of the most important e-commerce tools that will help your online store run smoothly.

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The Importance of Non-Revenue Assets

When asked what drives the value of your business, most small business owners say it is revenue, but in fact, much of the value of your business is locked up in non-revenue assets – whether it is equipment, processes, intellectual property, customers, or something else. These assets are particularly important when selling your business to a strategic buyer, so it is essential that you understand the non-revenue assets that will drive up value. This article shares three tips for doing so.

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Boost Your Startup Valuation

Valuation is essential for startups because it helps build buzz and draw in potential investors and lenders. However, it is now easier than ever to start a business, so competition is fierce. This article teaches you how to guard the value of your startup with three important tips.

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