Why Wix Code Is a Game Changer for Businesses

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Today, Wix announced the launch of Wix Code. A platform enabling millions of Wix customers to build advanced, database driven and programmatic functionality web sites. This includes database driven web pages, database driven interactivity, collection of user data and custom programming

Watch my interview (below) with the President of Wix.

Wix has always been a robust platform. RamonRay.com is built on it.

First enabling an easy to use web site editor. Then enabling easy to use applications from Wix (such as Wix bookings) and the Wix app store for 3rd party developers to hook their apps onto a Wix web site.

However, until now, there’s not been a way for a Wix web site to bring in external data via an API call to a data set outside of Wix. Or for a Wix web site to include an almost infinite possibility of features through programming via Javascript.

That’s all changed with Wix Code – which enables any Wix user (or their developer) to build highly customized, intelligent and smart websites – easily.

What might take several weeks to code in a non-Wix website can now be done in hours (or days) with Wix Code.

A startup could in fact use Wix as a testing ground for an idea and have the front end and backend done faster than ever before.

What’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about hosting, storage, security and other details. Since your web application is hosted by Wix – they take care of all the messy details. You just build a beautiful and now more intelligent and customized website.

Wix Code means more professionals can build more functionality into their websites, increasing customer engagement, increasing sales and providing better customer service and a rich user experience.


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