Kensington Announces Ultimate Presenter with Virtual Pointer

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I speak around the world and I always carry my “presentation clicker” with me. It advances my slides. Kensington has announced a new pointer which, using software, enables where you point to be seen not only on “your screen” but on any other screen your computer is displaying too – including remote viewers.

Their press release reads, “While Bright LED screens or safety regulations can pose limitations with traditional lasers, the Kensington Ultimate Presenter is optimized for use in conference rooms with TVs, online meetings with remote participants, and large auditoriums with multiple presentation screens for greater user flexibility. Kensington has removed the laser from the pointing feature to help address the growing need for a presentation tool that can be used where laser devices are not allowed as well as for online meetings where remote participants can see the pointer onscreen when using web meeting tools. The presenter is also adaptable and customizable to the user, with its companion software KensingtonWorks TM  for assigning different features to the top button. New customization features include mouse click, pen and magnifier, to improve upon the user experience.” See the full details here.

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Ramon Ray, founder and editor Smart Hustle Magazine. Entrepreneur, best selling author and global keynote speaker.