Ooma Announces DP1 Wireless Deskphone with Call Conferencing and 2-Line Controls for Small Businesses

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Have you ever wondered if office phones could get any better?  If they could be made so users are not stuck at their desks with limited range? Ooma decided that office phones can still be improved and they did it with the affordable, high-tech DP1.

In exciting news for small businesses, Ooma announced that they will offer a wireless deskphone with call conferencing and 2-line control features. This phone will be called DP1 and can be used without a phone jack close by. The phone is available not just for business customers, but for Ooma Telo residential customers, too.

The DP1 will require office and residential customers to have an Ooma base station with the DECT 6.0 protocol. With this, customers can use the DP1 within a range of 150 feet from the base. This high-end phone will provide customers with flexibility. All they will need is the base and an electrical outlet, so they can a phone that performs without the need of a phone cord.

Without the cord, this phone looks fantastic on any desk or countertop. With the DP1, you no longer need to worry about hiding cords and being sure they don’t get caught on anything. Other phones do not provide this same flexibility without a cord.

The Ooma DP1 might not have a cord, but it is loaded with useful features that are just right for small businesses and for mid-size businesses, too. Ooma offers a cloud-based platform with their Office plan and it includes a virtual receptionist as well as everything else an office could use, like a paperless fax, audio conferencing, and ring groups. You can use all of this without a service contract. All of these features also work with the phones you might already have in your office or home, including all of the analog ones.

Ooma DP1 has all of the hardware you need for a great wireless desk phone. It includes a headset jack and a full duplex speakerphone that allows you to both send and receive audio signals. The phone has a message-waiting indicator light and it builds a log of calls so you can easily redial and reach who you need. It also has a 36-hour battery backup that provides seven hours of call time.

The DP1 has other useful features including:

  • Two lines, so you can put one on hold and speak with the other
  • Three-way conference calling
  • Speed dial programs for 32 numbers

Along with all of those office necessities, Ooma has plenty of great features for the home. The voice quality is at the top. For a little extra, you can also add features like call forwarding, a second line, voicemail, and do-not-disturb settings. If you do choose to turn to Ooma for phone service, it is helpful to know that you get unlimited domestic calling. If you have more than one phone, you can use the Ooma Telo intercom in your home. And, once you get Ooma Telo, you can also sign up for their home security system.

The Ooma DP1 is an affordable phone, especially when compared to the competitors. Both the Ooma Office and Ooma Telo options for the DP1 is $89.99 in the US and $109.99 in Canada. It can be ordered at Ooma’s website and on Amazon.

Authored By: Kristen Bentley, Reporter, SmallBizTechnology.com

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