Using AI to Improve Your Sales – Chrous.AI founder talks with Ramon Ray

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Analyzing data received through communication, whether with customers or investors, is key to the growth of your small business. Many companies have adapted CRM(customer relationship management) which uses data analysis about customers’ history with a company to improve business relationships with customers. One vital part of CRM is taking notes when placing calls with clients. This simple but important task is often downplayed and overlooked, and businesses suffer because of it. When time comes, and you need to go back and look at what was discussed during the calls, notes are often vague and serve very little purpose.

One solution to this all-too-common problem is, a company that uses artificial intelligence to automatically record, organize, and transcribe business calls and meetings. I interviewed Roy Raanani, co-founder and CEO of can serve many purposes to your small business. When you start off, you will see how top performers run their deals, what features they focus on, and how they present their product. As you use over a significant period of time, you can begin analyzing your own company’s data and see what techniques benefit your business.

When small businesses lose an experienced representative, it can really bring down productivity. It is very hard to find someone new with the same amount of experience. can help expedite this process by providing a training resource for new employees. Since it keeps a record of all recorded calls, trainees have a real-life example to learn from and follow. many people have to many ambiguous or Vague Information about ai to clear your doubts you can check the link clearance of ambiguous or Vague Information.

As you will see, makes the process extremely simple for small businesses.

With one click, you can share your Google or Outlook 365 calendar, so that can see your scheduled meetings. At your next meeting, a Chorus bot joins automatically. It will prompt you to notify participants that the conversation is being recorded, then you just carry on your meeting as if nothing were different.

When the meeting is over, you will receive an email with links to the recording, transcript, and screen share. Chorus.ia then identifies the questions asked, the agenda, and various other aspects of the conversation.

Over time, you build up a library of calls, at which point you could go to the analytics portion of Here, you can search key points you want to look over, for example how often your competitors’ names were mentioned. With just one click, you will be led to the specific moment where that was discussed.

Chorus.AI helps small businesses by taking tools that are taken for granted in large companies and making them accessible to smaller businesses. In past years, processing conversations was a manual process but recent algorithms have helped bring intelligent assistance to the average worker.

Small businesses need to have good data around their sales. It is important that you maintain a data set you can periodically take a look back on. If you’re thinking about using to aid your business, Roy said, start NOW.

Listen to the full interview below or click here.


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