Don’t Just Listen, Do! How to Turn Idle Listening into Action (5 Tips)

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Are you looking to start a business but have no idea where to begin? Do you know what you want to do but aren’t sure where to turn next or who you can ask? Podcasts could be the genie to fulfill your wishes. Idle listening is easy. But taking the lessons and putting them to practice is the hard part.  

The biggest factor that separates a successful startup from an unsuccessful one is actually taking the necessary steps to get started. Thinking about starting a business gets you nowhere; you must take action to become successful. Great ideas do not a business make. The way to use podcasts as a tool to success is by taking action from the information provided. Here are our 5 top tips for using podcasts to help your business grow.

  1. NetworkPodcasts are really a live action, audio blog. The people who put these business podcasts on have been where you are. They, too, started their business from the bottom and worked through the ringer to get where they are now. Odds are they have some solid advice for others that are just getting started. Podcasters started talking about their experiences to help other people. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who’s podcast stands out to you. If you have questions, comment and ask them! They will more than likely answer you and offer wise advice. If they weren’t willing to dole out advice when questioned, they wouldn’t have put it out there to begin with. Don’t fret!
  2. Choose Wisely – Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to listen to every podcast on business that you can find. Instead, focus on those most in line with the type of business you plan to start and those that are most in tune with your mindset and goals. Listen to these podcasts and truly listen to what they’re saying. Devote even just an hour a day to listening to the podcasts that most match your business plan. These will give you the better ideas for what you need to focus on. Take notes, apply the ideas to your plans. These are the steps you need to take to make your business better through the advice given in your favorite podcasts from other business owners just like you.
  3. InvestThey say it takes money to make money. Simply put, this is the truth. The way you can do this from podcasts is to listening to what products or programs worked well for them. If there is a particular software that will help your business run more smoothly or efficiently, go ahead and purchase it. They say that wise investments will pay for themselves in the long run. This is also a true statement. Do the research and see if multiple podcasters are using these programs. If you don’t need a particular software, maybe your favorite podcasts mention using a specific organizer or planner. No matter how simple or little of an investment, these could still be very important in following through with the plans you need to get your business going. Invest wisely, but listen to what those who have tested the tried and true tell you.
    • *ProTip: Look for episodes where podcasters ask entrepreneurs about the best $100 they’ve invested in their business or an episode which catalogs the best tools.
  4. Practice what is Preached – If you are truly working on using podcasts as a way of learning how to start and grow your business, it is imperative you actually try out the different things that are talked about in the podcasts. Do they offer up some coaching advice? Maybe you find a podcast which has a step by step program of tackling a certain aspect of business. Try it out! It never hurts to try something new. If you don’t branch out, you could be missing out on exactly what your business needs. Don’t sell yourself short just because something is different from your usual approach.
  5. Learn – At the root of it all, learn from the podcasts you are listening to. Don’t just use podcasts as background noise that you may absorb a small detail or two from. Engross yourself in what you are listening to. Note important things you may want to dive deeper into. Question things you don’t understand – whether directly to the podcast or by jotting it down to address later. Address the notes you take; revisit old ideas and questions and dig up some research on them. Don’t just listen, learn from the lessons being told.  

Podcasts are a great resource to use throughout the lifecycle of your business. Don’t just listen to them, use them to your advantage and continue to use them once you’re up and running. Growing your business is an important key to long-term success, so continue to listen to these business podcasts as they will talk about the lulls, the dips, then valleys, and all the great things to come if you just push through.

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