Talk Triggers. Get New Customers with Word of Mouth Marketing? New Book by Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin

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I’ve been to the Double Tree Hotel many times, and Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin remind me, in their new book about the Double Tree’s warm chocolate chip cookies. Why? The cookies are a “talk trigger” – customers talk about the cookies and think of the hotel chain. Or Cheescake Factory – the HUGE menu and great food.

“Talk Triggers” is all about thinking what YOU can purposefully create to stoke word of mouth around your brand.

What’s interesting about a talk trigger is that it can’t be TOO BIG. It’s not like giving away a brand new $50,000 jeep to every customer. No that’s too big and probably too expensive. But it seems like most talk triggers are simple, but memorable, effective and something that’s always done.

Indeed, large companies can create talk triggers and implement them at scale, but smaller business can as well.

Think about the jeep dealer who wanted to penetrate the NYC market. Manhattan is dense and a pain to get to and out of. Jeep dealer St. Louis has a service where they pick up your jeep and bring it back to you. It makes the entire customer experience that much easier. There are also dealers from where you can buy a used jeep for you.

Talk Triggers is filled with neat stories (to give you ideas) of companies who are using talk triggers to generate word of mouth marketing. But it’s also filled with the formulas and best practices for HOW to implement a talk trigger in your own company. Check for more information.

While reading Jay’s book it got me thinking about my own talk trigger, which I didn’t think I had! My talk trigger is my energy (and a few other things). I was recently reading a post initiated by Joe Apfelbaum where he asked people what they most liked about Ramon Ray, ONE of the things that stood out was “energy” – this is a talk trigger.

While a talk trigger is most often associated with a big brand, for sure there’s a lot of things you can do to generate word of mouth marketing for your personal brand or your corporate brand.


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