Google Maps’ New Feature Slays Restaurant Indecision

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Does the conversation, “Where do you want to eat?” “I don’t know, where do you want to eat?” sound just a little too familiar? Whether you are going head-to-head with your significant other or trying to get a large group of friends to agree, choosing a restaurant can be hard. However, restaurant indecision is a thing of the past. Google Maps has just come out with a new feature for Android and iOS to make choosing a restaurant simple as pie.  

Load Up Your List

Google Maps’ newest feature allows users to create a shortlist of restaurants by scrolling through the app’s “Explore” tab. Long-press on any location to add it to your shortlist. Once a list is compiled, simply name it and share your shortlist over messaging apps like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

Exercise Your Right to Vote!

The message will contain a link back to Google Maps where you and your friends can vote for selections on the shortlist, by liking or disliking each restaurant. Members can also add or delete restaurants from the shortlist. Group members who don’t have the app can still view the list in their internet browser. And just like that, you’ve saved hours of headaches and heartache over where to eat.

Google Local Guides

Don’t even feel like making your own list? Google has the answer to that, too. When you swipe up, the app spotlights lists by the Google Local Guides team as well as by individual Local Guides. You can follow lists to keep up with Local Guide recommendations. There’s even a progress bar so you can see how many places you’ve visited on a followed list. Make sure your Location History is on and share your experience by leaving reviews and adding photos. .

The Google Local Guides team has lists starting in 17 cities including Bangalore, Berlin, Chicago, Dallas, Jakarta, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Rio, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seattle, and Tokyo.

Make Your List #LetsGuide Famous

Do you know all of the best places to eat in your city? Want to get your list featured as an individual Local Guide? Here are three simple ways to help you create a great list:

  1. Give your list a clear title so people know what they are looking at. Romantic Restaurants, Kid-Friendly, Cuisine-specific…etc. The best one I found so far, “37 Restaurants Where You Can Eat In Your Gym Clothes.” I think it’s pretty clear that this list is perfect if you’re looking for a, “come as you are” place to eat.
  2. Share more detail about your list in the description. Include pertinent information that only a local might know like, the best time to eat there, live music on Tuesdays, or a to get a table 6 instead of 7 for the best sunset views. Also, be sure to add #LetsGuide to increase engagement.
  3. Include at least 5 local places that fit well with your theme, and go to Sharing options to make your list public for the world to see!

Why This is Good News for Restaurant Owners

Restaurant owners have been able to attract more customers with the ability to update menus in their Google Maps listings using the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard since early this year. But, the latest Maps feature will allow restaurant owners a relatively easy way to draw even more traffic to their establishments. Friends can now share their favorite restaurants, and you want to be on that shortlist! Obviously, good food is a key factor for getting your restaurant on local shortlists. But, making sure your menu is up-t0-date, your booking link is added, and your GMB profile is complete will make your restaurant an easy choice when it’s put to the vote.

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