Get Customer Reviews Efficiently Using Strong Communication Techniques

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How do small businesses get customer reviews that bring new customers through the doors? How do businesses avoid getting negative reviews that drive new customer elsewhere? They hire companies like Josh Melick’s His company works with small businesses to help them gather positive reviews. With a strong online presence, centralized communication, create a crisis communication planning the way you manage a crisis will affect the future of your organisation for years to come, and good service, your small business can increase reviews, too. If you want a tool to use for your business that’ll allow you to communicate with all of your customers or even employees, then consider using this real time messaging application or you can consider getting better business telephone systems.

What Broadly Does

At, Melick and his team understand what small businesses need to succeed. First of all, they need to provide quality customer service. Then, small businesses need customers to share their positive experiences through word-of-mouth. Customers can do this by talking to friends, family, and colleagues or they can leave reviews online.

Steps To Increase Word-of-mouth Reviews

But customers don’t do this very often. So, how do you get them to leave online reviews that will get new customers to become patrons? According to Melick, it’s rather easy, and it requires dedicated communication.

To get positive customer reviews, follow these best practices:

  1. Provide good service.
  2. Get a point of contact – either email or phone number.
  3. Send a well-timed message.
  4. Communicate quickly as needed.

These practices sound easy, but for small business owners, they are just one more (or four more) things to do. Broadly can help, but you can also do some of these steps on your own, especially the first step and the fourth step.

Improving Communication For Better Service

Since the best intentions do not always end up with the service that customers expect, it is a good idea to have a plan to address problems. Customers need to have a way to readily contact you and express their joy, frustration, irritation, or other experiences with your business. If something goes wrong and customers can contact you, then you can fix the problem. In theory, this should increase positive review, Generation Us specialize in coaching communication skills hen you can help and grow your special skills.

Bad reviews happen when customers cannot reach businesses. If there is a problem and no one is available to take care of it, then the customer will leave a bad review. Small problems can quickly escalate into bad reviews. Communication is the key to success, especially when looking for positive, online reviews.

Modern Communication And Websites

Organizations like can help you build your website with web chats and mobile messaging services so you can open up lines of communication. With these types of communication services, it becomes easy to gather customer email addresses and phone numbers. As soon as you have those points of contact, you can ask customers to leave honest reviews.

Get Real, Effective Reviews

According to Melick, businesses should not give customers anything in exchange for their reviews.

“You want real reviews, so you do not give anything to customers to get the review. Don’t give a card, because no one wants to type in a link.”

The well-timed email or text is best because customers click on the link and leave the review.

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