Have You Met Freddy? Say Hello to a New AI Engine Set to Enrich Customer Service

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Freshworks, who specializes in customer engagement software, has just released “Freddy”. “Freddy” is an Omnibot AI engine who is said to enhance sales, assist in marketing, and boost customer services for companies of all shapes and sizes. Freshworks first announced “Freddy”’s release at the Refresh 18 conference. Your customer services teams new bestie, Freddy, uses Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) to anticipate the answers to customer service issues based on “a mix of human and machine-based voice interactions.”

According to Freshworks, “Freddy offers channel agnostic contextual self-service to customers. The Freddy AI engine also enables agent assist to help new agents onboard a team with relative ease by proactively and systematically troubleshooting customer queries.”

Not Just a Chatbot

According to founder and CEO, Mathrubootham,  Freddy significantly expands on the capabilities of chatbots. Afterall, modern-day customers are demanding better service.

“Consumers demand better service in the communication channels they prefer, whether it’s modern messaging platforms, social media or even automated IoT applications. With Freddy the AI engine, possibilities become limitless and customer experience can be enriched at every touchpoint and across multiple channels.”

How Freddy Seeks to Help Businesses


Salespeople who are currently taking advantage of Freshworks’ CRM will be able to will be able to auto-calibrate their available leads, making sales easier to conduct.

Customer Service

Freddie creates automatic replies to common queries in email, chat, voice-calls and even social media with context from the customer’s knowledge base. This way, easy questions can now be put on Freddy’s plate rather than on your support team.

Customer Engagement

If you’re a savvy customer, you’re usually pretty aware of when you’re chatting with a robot. But, with Freddy’s capabilities, the goal is for him to appear like he’s an actual support person. Customers want to feel heard and they want their concerns heard, Freddy is there to listen.

With Easy Implementation

Unlike traditional enterprise AI platforms, Freddy seeks to be less intimidating to implement.
“Freddy removes that complexity and frustration by delivering timely customer information for representatives and instantly answering questions anytime or anywhere customers need support.”

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