Pinterest Overhauls Ad Manager: SMBs Gain Valuable New Tool

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Pinterest’s most recent update to their self-service Ad Manager is a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses Pinterest has rebuilt the Ad Manager tool to be faster and easier to use, in the most notable update since the tool was introduced in 2016. These updates give small and medium-sized businesses visibility into the unique and relevant insights Pinterest has to offer. 

Who Does This Benefit?

This update brings Pinterest up-to-speed with other social media advertising platforms and stands to be leveraged by advertisers from large, corporate entities all the way to small businesses. Advertisers across the board should take advantage of Pinterest’s latest Ad Manager overhaul. Small and medium-sized businesses with limited advertising budgets, will be able to take advantage of Pinterest’s new features.

Small and medium-sized businesses can now identify and promote top performing organic Pins using insights from Analytics. The efficiency and ease of use of this new feature makes it possible for SMBs to manage their own ads. No longer relying on a third party, SMBs can save time and money in the long run. SMBs can also take advantage of the ability to measure your influence on Pinterest. Tracking monthly viewer numbers and optimizing ad campaigns to be more efficient and effective, offer new analytics.

How Do You Use It?

Small and medium-sized businesses can optimize advertising campaigns by creating ads with ease, define and size audiences, and access reports from the improved dashboard.

The self-serve Ads Manager consists of an easy, three-step set-up process that advertisers can use to create and set up Promoted Pins:

  1. Choose your business goal
  2. Identify the type of Pinners you’d like to reach
  3. Create or select Pins that you want to promote in-home feeds or search results

In addition, advertisers can select multiple Pins to promote at once or create new Pins within Ads Manager. A streamlined campaign creation process allows you to schedule your ads as well as build robust targeting audiences with guidance from audience sizing and the recently launched Audience Insights tool.

Another great feature is the ability to test and optimize ads. You can duplicate top performing campaigns and ad groups to see what’s working and what’s not. If you analyze and adjust accordingly, you won’t have to waste time or money funding an ad campaign that’s not producing results. Advertisers will leverage the tool’s frequency management capability, allowing users to decided when and how often ads are published.

When Should You Use It?

Jump on it now! Pinterest made their big announcement just weeks before Black Friday and the start of the holiday shopping season. With the holidays right around the corner, consumers will be flooding Pinterest with searches for holiday gift ideas. What a perfect time to optimize your ad campaign and get your SMB’s product or service in front of a captive audience!

People use Pinterest when they are actively looking for what to do or buy next. The updated features allow small and medium-sized businesses an opportunity to reach people earlier in the decision-making process. Pinterest has made it easier for SMBs to strategically place their ads in front of people at the right time with Promoted Pins. You can even define your audience, making it as broad or narrow as you like, to reach the right customers.

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