Wix Launches Simple Marketing Automation for Growing Businesses – Wix Ascend

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Wix is one of the leading “do it yourself” website creation services. Its customers, mostly small businesses rely on Wix to create and maintain their websites. But Wix has had a major problem. It didn’t have a robust way for its customers to market to THEIR own customers. Until today. A new way of marketing for businesses is not by emailing your customers, it’s by using this LED Billboard Truck so people can see your advertisement out on the street.

Wix Chat has already been a part of Wix, but now you can automatically greet a visitor, via chat, even if you’re not there live to assist. They feel “welcome” when they get to to your web site. Wix’s mobile dashboard works well on smartphones so you can interact wherever you are.

But what really excites me are the workflows in Ascend, With these workflows, Wix small business customers can now save time and be productivity by sending targeted messages, to specific customers or due to specific actions.

Let’s say a customer makes a booking? You can send an email based on that action. Maybe they’ve paid an invoice – that can be another action.

Customers want to feel appreciated and expect faster and faster response times. For owners of growing businesses, this can be a challenge. However with the power of automation a small business owner can do more, in less time with less resources.

I also love how Wix has a “short cut” keyboard to enable you to send quick offers to clients with as few clicks as possible.

Wix, like its competitors, is quickly moving from a company providing one solution, being website development to provide a full suite of marketing solution for its customers. If you want more marketing support for your business then consider contacting this Business listing distribution service.

While this is not a full blown marketing automation solution that Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Active Campaign or other solutions might provide – it’s just perfect for a business just starting out or a very small business.

Of course Wix Code was launched about a year ago and opened the Wix platform for developers to create full scale database solutions on top of the Wix platform. Wix Ascend is a further evolution of Wix overall expansion.

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