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With thinning attention spans, it’s challenging to get your company’s ideas and messages across to consumers. They are constantly bombarded by information, data, and insights. So how can your company cut through the clutter in order to be in front of a captive audience? One solution is to create a podcast. A podcast is an audio presentation of content. Think of it as a radio talk-show on very specific topics hosted by people, or businesses, who are experts in that niche. It’s even possible to make money from a podcast. Radio Waves can guide you to have podcast on radio.

If you or your company is considering starting a podcast, take the following for pointers into consideration.

1. Utilize your best content in many forms

If your latest eBook has proven to be a best-seller, consider turning the chapters into a series of podcasts. Not only will you increase the reach of the content, but you’ll also make it more accessible to people who don’t have the time to read. In the process, you’ll enrich your brand’s and business’ digital footprint.

2. Emotionalise your connection

The ultimate prize in marketing is the creation of an emotional connection with customers. Podcasting makes your brand voice audible, and it leaves a deeper, bigger impression on your  listeners. Your sincerity and commitment can be communicated in a way that really sticks with consumers.

3. More time with your target audience

With a captivating tone of voice, you can hold on to your target audience’s attention longer. As with any text-based content, the chances of readers just skimming through the content is high. With podcasting, you have a silver bullet to hold on to their attention and spend more time with your target audience because of your voice. Using a variety of pitches and tones, you can take the ‘boredom’ out of going through content with podcasting, which creates more opportunities for you to be listened to.

A podcast is another way you can bring in revenue. All of the above play vital roles in ensuring this desired outcome, and additional tips for how podcasting can generate revenue are included below.

Paid content

Once you’ve established your authority in a given area, you’ll have the bandwidth to charge for future podcasts. In a way, it’s monetising the trust people have in the quality of your thoughts and ideas.

A selling platform

Your podcast can be a platform to sell products and services. For example, if you’re a motivational speaker, you may choose to sell a leadership course or live webinars.


If your podcasts have established a reputation as an authority on online selling, don’t be surprised if an eCommerce giant seeks the right to distribute your podcasts on their platform. After all, it’ll work in their favour, too.

Podcasting is a rapidly growing business. To get started, these are the three basic pieces of equipment you’ll need.

1. Condenser Microphones

You’ll need a dedicated condenser microphone since most standard computer microphones aren’t good enough.

2. Studio Headphones

It’s essential to ensure the quality of your recording. Poor sound quality sits right next to poor content in poorly performing podcasts.

3. Audio editing software

It’s the final piece in ensuring you’ll be heard. For a start, you can download free programs available online.

If you are new to podcasting, you can consider getting podcast packages and bundles to get started on your podcast journey and see real growth in your business.

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