6 Reasons Why Brands Favor Instagram Over Other Platforms

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The role of Instagram marketing is to win over youthful social media users. It has a better mobile experience than Facebook, which is a significant structural advantage. Instagram is a freestanding community, especially for brands and retailers who wish to engage and connect with their customer base. Compared to Snapchat, Instagram helps brands develop a following from scratch.

Instagram also offers brands extensive reach and scale, allowing businesses to connect with people and discover new marketing avenues. The platform also makes it easier for brand interaction with customers through stories, posts, and ads.

Here are the prime reasons why brands continue to favor Instagram over other social media platforms:

1. Easy to Target and Retarget Your Audience

Instagram marketing helps you reach the core audience of your market seamlessly. It helps businesses target prospects based on their demographics, purchasing behavior, gender, language, affiliations, and more. Leveraging the knowledge of their customers, businesses can quickly attract potential customers. Instagram will help by putting your business’s content in front of your target audience.

2. Instagram has Better Discovery Options

Brands are always on the lookout for new marketing tactics to gain organic reach for company posts. Compared with other social sharing and social media platforms, the Instagram newsfeed algorithm makes the brand-user coexistence much better overall. Brands get to share their content with the hashtag system and innovative features. Racing to be at the top, Instagram launched a search bar to help users find new content and accounts to follow. Location and hashtag stories play a critical role in which accounts and posts users will see.

3. Build Trust with User-Friendly Content

The user-generated content is vital to building trust with audiences for your brand and products. Most businesses thrive on building brand visual content to reach users. Instagram is a gold mine of user-generated content, which helps brands promote user-friendly content for their loyal customers regularly. Businesses get to engage their followers and can help to grow their Instagram followers. Better engagement is one of the most compelling reasons brands are moving from other social media platforms to Instagram. Thus, it makes it easier for them to connect with and attract new followers and share stories to build a vast network.

4. Frequent Updates on Marketing Features

Instagram has incorporated a number of great tools and features that brands can leverage to sell more products and in turn, raise brand awareness across varied demographics. They are impromptu in understanding audience goals, and with a marketing strategy, this platform gives you the tools to accomplish them and target them successfully. It knows its users well and understands their transactions well enough. Brands can use the platform to publicize and advertise their offerings without obstructing the process itself.

With Instagram stories, you can add links and product tag widows that are tailored toward businesses to showcase their products. Thus, it is tapping the world of product tags wherein a brand can attach links with CTAs to encourage shoppers to leave their feed and shop.

5. Driving Engagement Across Demographics

Nearly 500 million people leverage the Instagram platform on a daily basis. That is a staggering number, isn’t it? But it is not about the sheer number of people who opt for the platform. The platform can actually generate incredible engagement rates on its posts. 2,500 Micro-influencers revealed in a survey by Bloglovin’, that nearly 60% of them find the platform perfect for engaging audiences. Engagement rate is quite useful in choosing influencers for diverse marketing campaigns. Instagram has also witnessed a marked rise in several unscrupulous practices with companies luring businesses for mass followers for specific prices. Paid followers are usually not genuine and are combined with fake bots.

Instagram influencers also work for increasing their follower count, but one needs to check engagement rates before deciding if they indeed are authentic enough. Chances are, higher engagement rates mean that the influencer is consistently genuine in their posts and authentic in their content. For businesses, relevant influencers with high engagement rates and reach can help in driving their brands to the roof. They need to track and measure their post campaigns effectively and tweak them for maximum success in real-time.

Locowise revealed that Instagram marketing generates a staggering 70% higher engagement rate than Facebook. It is a no-show for Twitter with Instagram boasting 669% higher engagement rates than the micro-blogging platform.

6. Boost Conversions Effectively

Irrespective of the business you run, the main priority remains boosting conversions through the marketing channels efficiently. Although social media channels help drive conversions effectively, Instagram rules the roost here.

A Shopify study revealed recently that the conversion rate of ecommerce firms on an average through the Instagram platform is 1.08%, with an average order value of referrals at a brilliant $65! The most popular social media platforms cannot touch these statistics in any way!

Also, Influencer marketing through Instagram continues to enjoy higher reach compared to its traditional counterparts like TV. Influencer marketing is known to generate a whopping 11 times higher ROI than other marketing channels.

Brands are keen to spend almost 13.4 billion euros on Instagram influencer campaigns by the year 2022. Almost 80% of marketers continue to uphold instagram marketing over other social media platforms. And the success does not apply to only businesses with large followings but even the ‘niche’ brands who are keen to target their intended business prospects who are part of specific, engaged communities.

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