Top Instagram Marketing Tools to Supercharge Brand Growth

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There’s no denying that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all types and sizes. Accessed by more than one billion people, Instagram is the second-ranked social media network after Facebook. It’s a great way to increase your brand visibility, sell your products, and reach a wider audience. Brands can establish an engaged user base without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing platform packed with features that help businesses sell their products. According to statistics, more than 72% of users purchased a product they saw on Instagram. With the right marketing strategy, any size brand can increase its reach, find new customers, promote products, and generate more sales.

Whether you want to grow followers for your eCommerce brand or earn more clients for another company, there are several Instagram marketing tools that help you promote your products or services and generate more conversions. Here are 11 top picks.

Increase Your Reach With These Instagram Marketing Tools


Awario is a brand monitoring and social listening tool that serves up instantaneous brand mentions from the web and social media. It helps your company reach new audiences, create relevant content related to your product or service, and participate in discussions. With Awario, you can better understand your prospective customers and create results-oriented Instagram marketing campaigns.

Awario acts as a great Instagram marketing tool for small and mid-size companies to connect with their target audience. It helps you discover prospective customers by allowing you to provide immediate solutions to their problems. Awario also enables you to find industry influencers and develop beneficial relationships to market your products. You can identify industry trends, perform hashtag research, and delve into competitor analysis to create more engaging Instagram content.


Iconosquare is a social media analytics tool that helps businesses make well-informed and data-backed decisions for Instagram. It helps you increase Instagram engagement by visualizing the important metrics and improving your content marketing strategy.

Iconosquare includes many useful features such as the best time to post, geolocation, user targeting, user tagging, and more. These features help you post content automatically and reach the right audience at the right time. You can also schedule your comment along with hashtags to increase engagement and reach. Iconosquare helps you keep a close eye on your competitors and share your performance report with your social media team.

Sked Social

Sked Social is a great tool for brands, enabling marketers to plan visually engaging posts for an Instagram feed. You create posts for your Instagram feed in advance and see how your feed will look. It lets you automatically publish posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can schedule Instagram posts along with relevant hashtags, location tags, and product tags to boost engagement and generate more sales. You can even schedule user-generated content.


Later is an Instagram platform that helps marketers visually plan their posts. The tool allows you to automatically publish content and get useful insights to connect to the right audience. With Later, you can create a visually appealing feed for your Instagram audience using a drag-and-drop interface. Later helps you select the best time to post and also allows marketers to find on-brand content to create more engagement. Its in-depth analytics enable you to track exactly which posts are driving traffic and where your followers are converting.


Agorapulse is a social media management tool that helps marketers stay organized. From publishing posts to reporting, social monitoring to getting insightful analytics, and team collaboration, Agorapulse is packed with useful tools. You can plan your Instagram feed in advance, giving you the freedom to create better strategies for your business and reach more clients.


Kicksta is a powerful Instagram growth tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to acquire authentic, organic followers. With this tool, you can find your competitors, industry influencers, and complementary brands. Kicksta lets you engage followers who follow profiles similar to yours. It will help you engage with a similar audience and increase the chances that they will follow you back. As a result, Kicksta helps you improve brand awareness and boost your follower growth.


Gleam is a powerful tool designed for running Instagram giveaways and contests. It assists you in running campaigns that boost your audience engagement and business growth effortlessly. You can run hassle-free campaigns with features such as automatic entry validation and random or manual winner selection. Gleam also allows you to embed their mobile-friendly widget onto any webpage or create your contest on their free hosted landing pages. With Gleam, you can collect photo and video submissions from Instagram through hashtags, mentions, or manual selection. Additionally, Gleam integrates with all the email marketing tools and social networks you use. With its flexible design, you can drag and drop any of the supported actions into your campaign within seconds.


Picodash is an Instagram marketing tool that helps marketers find the right audience and industry influencers for their brand. It provides useful data and helpful analytics to create your social media marketing strategy and outreach more efficiently. Picodash allows you to export your Instagram followers to a spreadsheet to filter for influencers by checking their followers and searching for relevant keywords. You can also filter users based on likes and comments received to find the right audience for your brand.


Hopper is a scheduling tool that helps brands plan content for Instagram and drives maximum user engagement. With Hopper, you can create up to 50 posts and upload them with its bulk upload feature. You can then choose your favorite time to publish posts. Hopper’s planning and analytics feature allows you to drag-and-drop posts and create social media calendars. It also enables Instagram video scheduling with Hopper HQ. is an Instagram marketing tool that automates social advertising to improve audience reach. It combines media buying and creative automation to help brands succeed. The automation tools and templates help you develop creative copies, plan localized offers, and make different prize and copy variations. allows you to instantly publish ads on your Instagram account and update ads in real-time. It optimizes your targeting, budget, and bidding to make sure you achieve the maximum conversion rate.


Grum is an Instagram marketing tool that helps marketers schedule posts to automatically go live at the preferred time on multiple Instagram accounts. You can schedule video posts with Grum. One of the best parts about using Grum is that it allows you to upload content from your desktop, ultimately eliminating the need to use your phone to post content to Instagram.


Wordswag is an Instagram marketing tool that allows you to add captions to your posts. Its smart typing engine lets you create custom text layouts for Instagram posts. You can choose from hundreds of quotes, thoughts, and funny text to make your posts more creative and interactive. Wordswag helps Instagrammers create interesting content for their audience. In due time, this increases engagement and creates brand awareness.

All kinds of businesses, ranging from eCommerce brands to media, mobile app development companies to design agencies, healthcare organizations to travel businesses, are harnessing the power of Instagram. Whether your business is working to increase its reach, find new customers, promote products, or generate more sales, it’s the right time to use one or more of these tools to better promote your brand.

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