5 Creative Ideas For Advertising Small Business Events

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There are several creative ideas to help you advertise a small business event. How you choose to promote your events will directly impact how successful they are. Successful event marketing helps to drive awareness, maximize registrations, and meet your seminar goals. As a small business owner, this empowers you to foster thought leadership, build professional relationships, and continuously grow your leads. Whether you are hosting an internal conference, networking event, or commemorative ceremony, there are several strategic advertising practices you can follow. In fact, there are several specific techniques to help you get the word out about your product launch, job fair, and team building events. Read on to learn about the most creative ideas for how to advertise a small business event.

Leverage Social Media Channels

First and foremost, social media is one of the most valuable event marketing channels that you can leverage as a small business. There are several strategic techniques for social media event advertising. For example, you can post an interactive countdown, post event teasers, and offer sneak peaks. Similarly, you can create an event page to begin to build your audience. Other popular promotional methods include hosting a giveaway with event-themed merchandise, interviewing notable attendees, or designing custom augmented reality (AR) filter, which will work for major channels like Instagram or Snapchat. Additionally, you should create a hashtag so that your followers can easily connect with other event attendees. Certainly, leverage popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to advertise your events.

Simplify Ticket Purchasing

A major part of event marketing is being able to simplify your ticket purchasing process. This typically means making your tickets easily accessible to buyers on multiple environments. For a small business on a budget, it is important to sell your tickets on widely-used, convenient third-party ticketing platforms. In addition, you can sell your entrance vouchers using your blog or website. Other popular solutions include distributing your tickets through major small business social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  This way, you can drive 24/7 secure, and accessible sales. Surely, it is important to simplify your ticket purchasing process in order to maximize your event marketing results.

Send Digital Cards & Invitations

In addition, your small business can always send out some exciting cards and digital invitations. You can use robust online tools to help you easily design, optimize, and publish your cards. For example, you can use Smilebox to create top-quality invitations, eCards, and announcements. To further amplify your event marketing campaign, you can even use this high-power tool to create business flyers. This way, you can send personalized invitations with speed, cost efficiency, and measurability. Absolutely, creating some digital cards and invitations is essential to successfully advertise your SMB event.

Create Content For Events Promotion

No matter what kind of gathering you are advertising, it is important to create high-quality content for event promotion. Get started by finding the best event-focused content based on length, design, and relevancy. Then, search social media platforms and event websites to find questions that your audience is asking. This way, you can create strategic content that fills in the gaps. Simultaneously, you may want to showcase user-generated content (UGC), which will show attendees what the inside of your events look like. Following these techniques, you can bolster audience retention, establish trust, and generate leads. Moreover, these techniques help to improve conversions, build brand authority, and enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. In fact, these tactics may even be able to enhance your local SEO digital marketing efforts as well. Indeed, it is important to create well-written content for small business event promotion.

Offer Free Tickets

Moreover, you can always consider offering free tickets to some of your attendees. Offer free tickets to the first one-hundred people that sign up for your event. In exchange for free admission, ask them to mention your event to their friends and family, or share it on their social media. Even after free tickets have run out, you can consider offering free gifts and swag to other members. If your small business can afford it, consider offering free t-shirts or gift cards to the first five-hundred people that register for your seminar. Indubitably, offering free tickets is essential to get the word out about your small business event.

There are plenty of creative ideas for how to successfully advertise a small business event. First off, consider leveraging popular social media channels. Next, you will need to simplify your ticket purchasing process. In addition, consider creating electronic invitations, brochures, and flyers. Of course, it is important to create strategic content for event promotion. Naturally, this will enhance your content marketing efforts as well. Moreover, consider offering free tickets to get the word out about your event. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the most creative ideas for how to advertise a small business event.

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