Top 9 Sales Funnel Tools

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One of the most important concepts to be understood when running a business is the sales funnel.

It is so because every single business in this world, regardless of how small or big it is compulsory, has a sales funnel.

Everything begins with the marketing efforts, which involves creating awareness and interests, and this draws the people’s attention to what you are doing and become leads.

Now the sales department tries to get some of those leads to buy the products. The tips which become closer to the goal become prospects, and eventually, these prospects buy the product.

Hence, this affecting consumer behavior and making them buy your products is called a sales funnel.

Top 9 Best Sales Funnel Software


Instapage gives the ability to create landing pages to the users, it integrates with third party apps. It offers built in A/B testing tools and advanced analytics.


  • This platform enables you to build conversion-ready mobile-optimized landing pages in minutes.
  • No developer is required to review and publish them.
  • Instapage easily integrates with the tools in your marketing stack.
  • It optimizes the landing pages and attributes the performance to suitable campaigns.


There are two pricing plans for instapage as mentioned below

  1. The optimizing plan costs $199/month. It has no conversion limits, heatmaps, conversion analytics, zapier integration, SSL encryption, and so on.
  2. Custom Plan. This plan varies in price according to the feature that we require from instapage. It charges separately for every feature. So every user can customize his website with the kind of features he wants.


  • PROS
  1. There are a variety of designs available under all the plans of instapage
  2. The drag and drop feature is usually beneficial.
  3. The feedback system runs very fast and hence is excellent and one of the software’s key features.
  4. The editing part becomes very easy due to this software as it is effortless to be used.
  • CONS
  1. It is a little expensive.
  2. The text font appears to be very dynamic.
  3. The software is not quite flexible because it does not allow manual customization of page sizes and another manual formatting.


Thrive Suite is a conversion-focused theme and plugin that will allow you to create very High converting landing pages and sales pages. It has tons of plugins and add-ons so that you can create and design inside WordPress.


  • They have a new thrive theme builder. You can edit and organize the website inside this editor without any coding.
  • It gives access to thrive, theme builder, thrive, architect, elementor, and many such plugins. The thrive lead is a superb feature that captures the leads and facilitates the sales funnel process.
  • It has an option of third-party app integration, which links thrive suite with various other platforms.


  • It has only a $19/month price plan, which is quite affordable. It has access to all thrive themes plugins, access to thrive theme builder and shapeshift, support included, updates are included, and installing the tools on up to 25 websites. Finally, it also has access to thrive university.


  • PROS
  1. The software is highly responsive. It never faces any significant issues when the users are designing their business model.
  2. It has third-party app integrations which help the users in customizing their website using other tools and features.
  3. It is very easy for beginners. No prior knowledge of any programming language is required.
  4. Access to a thriving university is one of the most highlighting features as it provides training on how to use the software.
  • CONS
  1. The themes provided in thriving only tend to work with WordPress and not other platforms.
  2. The variety of themes available are significantly less.


Leadpages is a landing page builder. It is the actual go-to software for the small businesses worldwide. It build code free website, high converting landing pages, pop ups, alert bars, and everything.


  • They have a wide variety of templates with help you customize the apps and websites and attract leads.
  • The powerful conversion elements like the countdown timers, call-to-action-buttons, and pop-up options, allow you to capture leads from landing pages, blogs, and websites.
  • Leads can also have captured through text messages allowing prospects to opt-in from anywhere using a phone.
  • It integrates with primary services in CRMs from MailChimp to HubSpot.
  • It also works with e-commerce platforms and webinar registrations to manage all the leads and digital campaigns.
  • The A/B testing tools help you analyze the website thoroughly.


It has three plans as follows:

  • The pro plan costs $59/month
    • It has access to up to 3 sites, tech support via mail and chat, email trigger links, unlimited a/b testing, and a few more feature than the standard plan.
  • The standard plan costs $27/month and is deemed to be the highly affordable one.
    • It has access to only one site and 40 standard integrations, free hosting, and so on, but many of the features are disabled.
  • The advanced plan costs up to $239/month.
    • It has access to up to 50 sites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, unlimited traffic leads, free custom domains, lead notification, email trigger links, and all such features like these provided by leadpages.


  • PROS
  1. There are many templates to make your website look good.
  2. It provides mobile and tablet preview.
  3. The sub-accounts functions of lead pages duplicate the sales funnel, and two teams can have access.
  4. It integrates with many different software solutions and makes things handy.
  • CONS
  1. Users usually face a few glitches and bugs while they are using the software.
  2. The analytical data is not very informative.
  3. The plans seem to be very uneconomical for small businesses.


It is a landing page builder that allows the users to create landing pages, pop ups etc. It also has the A/B splitting testing which scans the total website and gives u an analytic report.


  • It has a drag and drops editor, and also we add new fonts to it if the pre-loaded fonts don’t go well.
  • It consolidates all the data into a .csv file which makes it easy for the user to analyze.
  • It has a landing page scheduler that keeps track of the ongoing and upcoming launches.
  • Anti-spams protect them for security.
  • It helps to have landing pages on the user’s social media profiles as tabs.


This software provides three pricing plans, as mentioned below.

  1. Create a plan that costs about $55/month
    1. This plan allows 50000 unique visitors per month, there are ten custom domains, unlimited account users, but few features like the smart section, campaign scheduler, and the A/B splitting test are missing.
  2. The automate plan costs about $79/month.
    1. This plan allows 100000 unique visitors per month, and there are 20 custom domains, unlimited account users. It has all the features missing in the create plan, but all the features deemed to be advanced go missing.
  3. The agency plan costs $149/month.
    1. This premium plan includes all the features provided by landingi, including 300000 unique visitors per month, 30 custom domains, and unlimited account users.


  • PROS
  1. The feature wherein the landing pages can be shared with other landing users. It is one of the most important and makes landingi different from its contemporaries.
  2. The customer helpline is very helpful and responsive and responds in relatively less time.
  3. The creation and editing process is super easy and can be easily handled by beginners as well.
  4. Landingi integrates with CRMs like HubSpot, Zoho, and freshwork to manage the leads.
  • CONS
  1. The number of video integrations is negligible
  2. No availability of pop-up functions.
  3. The page faces issues related to speed and hanging often.


It is a marketing and sales tool  built so that the users can easily scale a business without any extra coding. It helps build professional looking landing pages and also keeps a track of the email leads. This software is a all in one handy package.


  • Wishpond enables you to promote your product through social media and emails by sending automated promotion emails and videos.
  • It integrates with base CRMs, batchbook, campaign monitors, and several such platforms.
  • It also supports online e-commerce marketing, which acts as a catalyst in affecting customer behavior and making them the prospects in no time.
  • The feature of email and mobile preview helps the users to access the lead status anytime and anywhere.


Wishpond provides three pricing plans.

  1. The starting plan costs $75/month.
  2. The Everything you need a plan that costs $149 /month, this is the highly preferred plan by the users as it has all the features an ideal software funnel has.
  3. The Rapid growth plan costs $299/month


  • PROS
  1. The tracking done by wishpond is always accurate and hence helps the businesses have closure about their customers.
  2. The customer helpline team is the most supportive and quick at their service.
  3. There are tutorials available on their website about how to use their software, which has proven to be helpful for several users.
  4. It is very user-friendly and easy to handle.
  • CONS
  1. For the basic plan, the integration feature is disabled, which annoys the user at times.
  2. The free version cannot be accessed by phone.
  3. The CSV exports are minimal, which causes hindrance to several users.


Getresponse is an email marketing and online campaign management software that sends product promotion emails to the desired list of customers. It includes good impacting newsletters, various videos, and images. It is a landing page creator and has hundreds of ready-to-use design templates.


  • There is a Preview option for email. So that you can view how the mail will appear.
  • It has templates for sending mails with ease and also has an auto-response module.
  • It can also import contacts from hard disks and Gmail, and other contact-saving applications.


It has four plans

  • The basic plan costs $15/month
  • The plus plan costs $49/month
  • The professional plan costs $99/month


  • PROS
  • Campaign creation with getresponse is straightforward and the most loved feature by its users.
  • The variety of beautiful templates available add on to the list
  • It is considered an excellent sales funnel builder as it navigates the customers most efficiently, leading to meeting the desired goals.
  • The email automation feature is a unique feature of getresponse.
  • CONS
  • Rejections of few commands are for no good reasons.
  • The email templates don’t autosave, and hence once the data is lost, it cannot recover.
  • Few times due to some error or glitch, Scheduled emails are delayed or not delivered.


With kartra you can host online courses, memberships. You can create newsletters and a sales funnel. It is an entirely new software in the market and has few unique features which help you handle the customer journey efficiently.


  • It can function with external software, and it can also integrate an API
  • Lead management, sales funnel, Campaigns, calendar integration, simplifies management.
  • Automated Email/SMS marketing. It helps users have personalized membership portals and has immense options related to embedding videos like autoplay, social sharing, watermark building, and so on.


The kartra software has four plans that include

  • The starter plan costs $99/month
  • The silver plan costs $199/month
  • The gold plan costs $299/month
  • The platinum plan costs $499/month


  • PROS
  • The third-party app integrations prove to be very helpful.
  • The analytic data is very detailed and organized
  • The template design is unique.
  • CONS
  • The email editing option doesn’t work well and tends to get hung up quite often.
  • Additional software is required while working along with kartra to get more add ons
  • The customer service is not very helpful and often takes time to respond.


With Keap, we can market by smart email marketing and manage our customers’ interactions with minimum confusion. It is mainly focused on providing a marketing platform to the new businesses.


  • It has customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and functions for e-commerce.
  • Provides monthly reports, analyses the real-time traffic on your site, and also email automation.
  • It can make segments for all the different kinds of clients, track customer interactions.
  • It can use from Android and iOS devices as well.


It has three plans that include,

  • The lite plan costs $79/month
  • The pro plan costs $149/month
  • The max plan costs $199/month


  • PROS
  1. The creation of campaigns is very easily handled here.
  2. Making it available for Android and iOS makes it handy.
  3. Good navigation for accessing features and applying them.
  • CONS
  1. The user faces difficulties at the start of using the software.
  2. Initial setup is tedious and time-consuming.


ClickFunnels is a website marketing funnel that delivers landing page solutions to market, sell and deliver products and services online. It focuses on startups, freelancers, etc.


  • It helps in generating lists out of emails to gain leads on their customers.
  • It lays out funnel templates like tripwires, sales letters.
  • Launches a product, webinar, A/B split tests, custom domains, and related programs.


It has two plans,

  • The basic plan costs $97/month
  • The platinum plan costs $297/month


  • PROS
  1. User friendly and robust. And has a community that updates solutions to short-term issues.
  2. It has an extensive library for tutorials which helps in coming out with almost any issue.
  3. Simple to integrate external software along.
  • CONS
  1. It does not offer a shop builder tool.
  2. It cannot access through handsets.
  3. Even though there are a good set of fonts, you cannot add fonts of your own.


Hence these were the top 9 sales funnel software which are mostly used by the businesses in the market to maintain their leads.

We hope this article proved to be helpful. Please leave your reviews in the comment box.


  • Is clickfunnel good for e-commerce ?

Ans: No, click funnel does not allow any sort of integration with other e-commerce related platforms.

  • Is the linking of softwares with CRMs necessary ?

Ans: It is not compulsory, but it is advisable to do so to maintain a good track about your leads.

  • Why are only these nine softwares considered ideal?

Ans: The above mentioned softwares give you the most affordable plans unlike other softwares that are very expensive.

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