Why Direct Mail Remains an Effective Way to Reach Customers

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Did you know that the method you choose to reach your target audience will determine if you meet the goal for which the communication is intended? In this age of the digital revolution, direct emails may seem outdated. After all, most people prefer to stream videos online rather than watch TV. These modern trends have influenced business owners to focus more on online marketing, overlooking the potential benefits of direct emails. While it may seem like direct emails have no place in the modern business environment, experts advise business owners not to write them off just yet, citing that they are still effective in getting customers to respond.

Before we go further, it’s essential to highlight two distinct types of direct mail solutions: solo mail and shared mail. Shared mail involves advertisers coming together in a single piece of mail to reach the same audience. In contrast, solo mail represents a single business entity.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

You probably don’t believe that direct emails can yield a higher ROI than online display and paid search ads. As far-fetched as it may sound, it is true. Statistics indicate that direct mails are almost as effective as social media marketing, with the latter being only a single percentage ahead. This means that a business that uses direct mail alongside other marketing strategies will likely achieve high conversions. One study found that most donations received by non-profit organizations come from direct mails. Research has also established that over 80 percent of millennials love receiving mails and are more likely to respond to direct mails than other generations. Millennials are said to favor physical media over other media channels.


For-profit businesses are always looking to improve their profit margins by reducing operational costs. Some marketing methods can be very costly. Direct mail is a cost-friendly way of reaching customers. It does not need investment in terms of money, digital infrastructure, and technical knowledge compared to other methods such as paid search. You only need a good copywriter and designer to help craft your emails. Some organizations resort to shared direct mail marketing over solo direct mail marketing to save on costs. This is because the difference between shared and solo mail marketing lies within the costs involved.


Direct mails can be sent in different formats. Depending on what you desire to communicate to your customers, you can send direct mails in various forms such as newsletters, magazines, postcards, catalogs, and brochures, among others. It means you have a range of options to choose from for various purposes. For instance, if you want to inform your customers of your new line of products, you can use a brochure to provide your audience with the product specifications. Direct mails in the form of company newsletters effectively establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers and improve their loyalty. Direct mails can also collect vital information from customers through questionnaires and surveys sent to them. The results can be analyzed and measured against targets and goals. Direct mails are perfect for newly set-up businesses hoping to generate quick revenue and capture customers.


Personalization is critical in marketing because it boosts customers’ experience. Research shows that customers are more likely to be associated with businesses that provide personalized experiences. Experts also suggest that personalized recommendations attract more conversions than non-personalized offers. Direct-to-consumer mails offer an opportunity for business owners to personalize the messages they send to customers. A well-personalized marketing campaign is likely to spark interest among customers who become more receptive when they feel valued and respected. As a business owner or manager, you must segment your audience and understand each segment to know what content attracts them.


Customers have different characteristics. Hence, their needs, expectations, and demands also vary. With direct mail marketing, you can target your audience based on their past purchases, demographics, such as age, income levels, level of education, etc., or psychographics, such as interest, hobbies, and consumption patterns. Good practice within an organization is to keep a list of customers who share some characteristics. It is also crucial to keep a list of customers who have previously responded to marketing messages, such as those who have filled our warranty cards or requested more information. Readers can be targeted through direct mails with messages tailored towards their needs, behavior, and expectations. Because customers have demonstrated willingness to buy products or be associated with your brand, they should be prioritized with direct mails.

Stealth Marketing

As opposed to methods of marketing, direct mail marketing allows business owners to build campaigns without drawing the attention of competitors. Other online marketing methods have loopholes that rivals can ‘spy’ on you, but direct mail is impossible. In contrast, They cannot know the scale of your campaigns, how often you market to customers and the strategies you use. They will not know what your conversions are, so they cannot copy your strategy. This way, you stay ahead of the game in keeping your existing customers and acquiring new ones.


You can quickly scale your business through direct mails. This is possible when you continuously test additional lists of prospective customers. Out of these, you find responsive lists to build marketing strategies to grow your business. Hence, as a business owner, you must actively seek new ways to target your prospective lists.

Final Thoughts

The above benefits achieved through direct mail can result in higher leads and sales. The method is quick, easy, cost-effective, and offers a high return on investment. It begins from identifying your audience, strategizing on the process, and hiring a good marketer who understands customer experience dynamics. It is also essential to put in place a system for tracking and measuring the performance of your marketing efforts. In the post-pandemic era, many customers spend more time at home and equally have more time for your direct mails. This is the time to get it right with your direct mail tools. Efforts should be geared towards finding new innovative ways to keep customers engaged and more interested. The goal is to win. In contrast, their loyalty.


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