Small Business (Realistic!) New Year’s Resolutions

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An ordinary resolution for ambitious small company owners entering the New Year is to enhance and further extend their operations.

An ordinary resolution for ambitious small company owners entering the New Year is to enhance and further extend their operations.

When you confront company owners with the day-to-day obstacles of life, they may severely curtail their goals…like all of their New Year’s resolutions. The good news is those small company owners may establish and accomplish some reasonable goals for themselves in the New Year.

Listed below are five examples.

1. Establish an online presence and use digital tools to your advantage.

Because of the epidemic, there is a pressing need for resolutions to be fresh. There is also an opportunity to depend more heavily on digital skills.

According to the Small Business Roundtable’s annual study, many organizations will use a web presence in 2022 for awareness. Web presence is also available for client acquisition, eCommerce capabilities, and digital fulfillment (no contact) when practicable.

The first question that company owners should ask themselves is whether they have a website and methods for accepting payments online.

Ask this when evaluating whether they have completely integrated digital resources. If they do not, there are several tools available to assist them in moving to digital technology. In the case of Forbes, the publication provides step-by-step guidance for transitioning your small company to the internet.

2. Develop a resolution for providing care to your employees.

Covid-19 also brought to light and worsened the difficulties that working groups face. The technology that is supposed to help small business employees often makes them feel alienated as well.

Make a strategy to adjust their day-to-day company operations. Adjustments to accommodate the requirements of family caregivers is one idea. This and other ideas allow business owners to help their workers who are also caregivers.

Employee absences they can anticipate can work with flexible schedules. An absence due to personal sickness, care-giving for children, elderly relatives, or ailing family members are among those to accommodate using methods such as flexible work schedules. Another option is phased part-time employment and cross-training. A caregiver handbook for small business owners is available from the AARP.

3. Resolve to become a certified professional.

If a person is a member of certain demographics, there are options.

For example, an underrepresented demographic may need an applicant to seek a certificate. That certificate is a blessing to a business in an under-served neighborhood. This business then opens doors to professional connections due to their certification.

In other words, applicants seek members of an underrepresented demographic. Those who run their businesses in an under served neighborhood may have access to hundreds of corporate representatives. Included also are supplier diversity professional connections due to their certification.

For example, the Biden Administration has launched new initiatives to increase Black wealth and close the racial wealth gap. The United States Black Chambers, Inc. has launched the ByBlack initiative. This provides Black entrepreneurs with valuable business resources and networking opportunities.

Some groups offer certification programs, including the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council, Disability: IN, and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Take the time. Make a resolution to learn about the available possibilities and the application procedure.

4. Become familiar with federal employment opportunities.

There will be a significant amount of funds available to states and municipalities. These funds are to reconstruct the economy and infrastructure after the pandemic.

Thanks to federal legislation, funds are available. Most notably for the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. So…sharpen your fintech skills!

Small company owners should investigate these and other government contracting opportunities. It will serve them to evaluate whether or not it makes sense for them to submit bids on these opportunities.

The United States Department of Commerce provides a Good Jobs Challenge and the Minority Company Development Agency assists small firms. The Women Impacting Public Policy organization focuses on increasing government contracts for female business owners. Having a resolution to learn about these funds can help your small business.

5. One simple resolution is to become a member of a small business organization.

You can find organizations for company entrepreneurs in almost every community. These groups assist small business owners in building stronger relationships. They also assist in taking on more leadership positions in their communities. They may also open the door to new business prospects.

Business owners should learn more about the groups in their cities or towns, such as a Chamber of Commerce or a Rotary club. Decide which organizations make the most sense for you to join in the future.

Joining a national business organization may also be a wise decision. For example, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce or the Asian American and Pacific Islander Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship. The National Association for the Self-Employed, Small Business for America’s Future, or the National Small Business Association.

It’s always challenging to make adjustments and improvements. Yet these goals are doable if company owners begin working toward them as soon as possible.

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