Don’t Ignore Recent Small Business Tech Trends

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Artificial intelligence (AI) was formerly regarded as futuristic. Do you really need an R2-D2 in your shop? Even fake tech is here to stay.

Artificial intelligence (AI) was formerly regarded as futuristic. Do you really need an R2-D2 in your shop? Even fake tech is here to stay.

As a business owner, you must now integrate numerous technology developments into your digital marketing strategy. That they’re all measurable gives you incredible insight into your customer base. Is this cause for optimism? Most signs point to “Yes.”

Personalization in Email Marketing

Firstly, any digital marketing strategy must include email marketing. However, achieving personalization in email marketing has changed. Tailored emails are based on prior email opens, purchases, or click-throughs.

And secondly, statistics show that personalization is the future of email marketing, that irrelevant emails annoy customers, and that personalized emails increase sales.

Channel Tech Advertisements

Multichannel marketing technology was popular in 2018. You can save money on marketing technology platforms today.

This is the process of connecting all marketing channels available to your clients. Omnichannel marketers maintain 89 percent of their consumers, but non-omnichannel marketers only keep 33 percent.

Here’s an example of omnichannel marketing technology. A prospective customer contacts your company after viewing an online ad or article. SEO helps your brand’s content rank better in search. They become leads when they join your email list. As an email lead, they will continue to see similar advertisements on social media and native ads. They buy after clicking on one of your emails.

Client engagement points must be measured omnichannel in 2022. A year ago, people were surprised by chatbots. People expect chatbots today. Responding promptly to prospective consumers’ questions significantly improves conversions and profits.

63 percent of respondents prefer conversing with a chatbot to calling or emailing a firm. According to surveys, respondents liked chatbots for their 24-hour availability, quick response times, and simple inquiries. Delay employing chatbots on your website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

It’s no secret that about 60% of your website’s traffic now comes from mobile devices.

Page load speed is linked to bounce rate. Having a sluggish website increases bounce rates and the danger of Google penalizing you.

Keeping this in mind, businesses can’t ignore the need for AMP. Those who do not employ AMP risk getting left behind!

Video Marketing

Video marketing will increase during the next five years. While video marketing isn’t new, businesses that don’t employ it risk being left behind. New research shows that approximately 70% of users share a promo video. Videos enhanced conversion rates for 72% of businesses. Additionally, customers are 52% more inclined to purchase from a brand after seeing a video.

Likewise, businesses should employ video to engage viewers from start to end. Google optimizes movie displays in searches that relate to its video carousel. In 2022, keep an eye out for 360-degree footage.

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

How much quicker would your business grow if you let prospective customers trial your products on their phones first? AR decreases risk by allowing customers to see a product in action. Among the companies embracing augmented reality are:

  • Garnier uses AR to allow smartphone users to “try on” several hair colors.
  • Users of the ELF cosmetics AR app may see how various lipstick colors look on them.
  • Clients may see furniture in their homes using IKEA’s AR software…racking up a whopping 8.5 million downloads, by the way.

If your company sells physical things, try adopting augmented reality to decrease online fraud and boost trust.

Indy Marketing

Ads are a part of online life. But no one likes forced product placement.

People hate pop-up ads the most. Additionally, pop-up ads may bother consumers, giving them a bad image of the company.

Native advertising appears as part of the web page’s regular content rather than as ads. As a result, users see ads in their news feeds that are image-centric. Many of these native advertising touchpoints are retargeting ads based on previous site visits, items viewed, or tailored based on a user’s profile.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Marketing tech platforms and tactics are increasingly incorporating AI. As a result, this enables customer segmentation, click tracking, and retargeting.

As a result, businesses can use AI to provide real-time ads and communications.

Facebook Marketing Budget Reallocation

You may need to re-allocate Facebook tech marketing budgets to other channels in certain cases. Of course, Facebook is still big, but 41% of its users are over 65.

That is to say, with Facebook’s huge data breach, younger people are less inclined to use Facebook.

Voice Search Tech

In conclusion, you should know that people increasingly utilize tech for voice search and virtual assistants.

The same information or product may be presented by valid firms using voice command technology. For example, 2017 saw $1.8 billion in voice commerce sales, with $40 billion predicted by the end of this year. Likewise, consider how you may strengthen your digital voice approach.

On the other hand, keeping up with new technology may help your small to medium-sized business remain ahead of the marketing curve and reap the benefits. Most importantly, these seven trends may help your organization succeed.

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