Emotions In B2B Technology Marketing

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Flowers and jewelry are goods that are sold solely to elicit emotional responses. And marketing is 100% emotions, so get choked up about it!

Flowers and jewelry are goods that are sold solely to elicit emotional responses. And marketing is 100% feeling, so get choked up about it!

They serve no practical use and the firms who offer them prey on our emotions and persuade us to buy them.

However, valuable objects may also fulfill emotional demands, such as a sense of pride, belonging to a group, imitating trendsetters, or the delight of becoming a trendsetter. For example, consider those who wait in line all night to get the newest smartphone.

They do it for various reasons, one of which is their desire to be ahead of the curve. That isn’t a problem at all. A phone, for example, is a practical object that serves an emotional purpose.

The majority of functional items compete on price and feature trade-offs. Adding an emotional component to a practical product is a terrific approach to set it apart on a whole new level. Many B2C technology products appeal to similar feelings.

Nokia recognized that the mobile phone had evolved into a fashion piece and its communication role when it pioneered color choices for cell phones. The initial Apple Macintosh’s famed “hello” in 1984 established an emotional connection with this humanized new machine. However, many of us work in the IT field on a B2B basis. One would believe that B2B’s decision-making is intellectual and devoid of emotion.

Above all, because B2B decision-makers are people, they may sometimes include emotional impulses into their decision-making process. Job security, technological curiosity, personal motives, and, believe it or not, greed are some of the emotional aspects in technology B2B.

Job security emotions are paramount.

IBM’s marketing slogan back when it was the dominating force in the computer business was “Nobody Ever Got Fired for Buying IBM,” and it worked.

Even when the clone XYZ seemed to be more appealing due to cheaper cost or higher performance/functionality, IT managers were unwilling to give XYZ a chance since their jobs were at stake.

For example, if they choose XYZ they risk losing their job if it fails. Above all, purchasing IBM was a sure bet for job stability.

We can leverage curiosity about emotions technology.

Someone may pick the most up-to-date XYZ technology even though their company doesn’t need it because they want to be current and cutting-edge or because XYZ’s experience will look good on their résumé. But even a small business may find NFT technology useful.

Uncover the personal reasons for doing anything.

One of the most successful product launches lately did a fantastic job with that approach.

R&D engineers working for some B2B clients were the decision-makers for this innovative technology. The warning to these engineers was that if they didn’t learn about the new technology, they might become outdated in a few years.

It was a powerful argument that helped make this product launch a huge success. They didn’t do anything dishonest. They were sure that this new function would become a popular trend in the future, and we were right. The plan was to use personal, professional motivation to kick-start our campaign.

Supplier XYZ provides a professional training session at a five-star resort in Las Vegas or Hawaii, affecting specific B2B decision-makers.

In the B2B technology business, this is standard procedure. Remember to add an emotional perspective while designing a new technological product or marketing campaign.

For example, because many B2B firms don’t do this, this technique is a great way to stand out.

Use emotion to secure referrals.

B2B recommendations account for 78 percent of all client leads.

Referrals are a terrific approach to get people to notice your brand without promoting it to them directly. Incentive programs for current customers are frequent for businesses to generate recommendations.

Whether in the form of a discount on their next purchase or another sort of reward. Therefore these incentives aid in the purchase of goods and services.

The following are some of the reasons why referrals are effective.

  • They allow good word-of-mouth marketing to flourish.
  • This will bring in new consumers.
  • Referrals can increase the number of referrals.
  • They can help you boost your closing rates.

Engage in conversation.

Conversational marketing is a term used to describe a kind of marketing.

Customer communication in real-time is critical for overall engagement. Chatbots or live chats provide communication gateways at their fingertips. In other words, it is particularly important given the worldwide pandemic of the last several years.

90% of consumers prefer texting over filling out a form because it is faster and more genuine discussions. Because people are answering fewer phone calls as a means to manage their emotions. Therefore, texting is less emotional as well, which is an important way to provide that customized experience in 2022.

ABM stands for Account-Based Marketing.

Account-based marketing consists of personalized, planned programs that target specific accounts.

ABM delivers the following benefits to sales and emotion marketing teams:

  • optimized performance;
  • improved reporting;
  • increased participation; and
  • a higher return on investment.

We use cookies as part of a successful ABM approach to determine where consumers spend their time. Online businesses may use cookies in retargeting to find new consumers based on their previous emotion online activity.

However, using ABM tactics like cookies to retarget clients is becoming more challenging. Third-party cookies will be phased out beginning in 2022, forcing B2B marketers to rethink their approach to ABM.


It’s critical to generate leads as a B2B marketer.

However, generating the right leads is critical. Supported by good strategies and methods, a marketing strategy serves as a template for creating initiatives with lasting effects. These marketing tactics are some of the most successful B2B marketing methods.

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