Tips for Hiring New Employees at Your Small Business

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Between the open positions and the desire to fill them, hiring new employees can feel hard when you can’t seem to find the right candidate.

With so many people quitting their jobs, there are opportunities in many different sectors of the economy. Between the open positions and the desire to fill them, hiring new employees can feel hard when you can’t seem to find the right candidate for the right price and with the right work ethic.

When you are looking to hire new people, it can feel difficult and trying. Still, there are plenty of things you can do to search for the right people for the job. Below are tips for hiring new employees at your small business.

1. Utilize social media.

When you are hiring new employees for your small business, you should utilize social media to get the word out. Post on social media that you are looking for people to fill specific positions, reach out to possible candidates, and vet the people before you hire them.

Social media is necessary in the world we live in. It’s a good idea to spread the word about what you are hiring for.

You can use LinkedIn for interacting with possible candidates and looking at resumes. Whatever your business is, you should do your best to spread the word and use social media to find the right people for the job.

2. Use career sites for hiring.

Another thing you should do is leverage career sites. With plenty of platforms that act as a middleman between the employer and the prospective employee, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t take advantage of the technology and expertise these platforms have.

With sophisticated algorithms and plenty of candidates to choose from on career websites, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get started on multiple of these platforms.

Of course, some are better than others but if you utilize the various career sites that are connecting companies with qualified workers, you just might be able to connect with the right one.

3. Recruit from colleges.

Freshly graduated college students won’t ask for as much money as veteran workers. They can also provide new and different skills while offering a perspective older people do not have.

If you are hiring new employees straight out of college, you should attend their career events and fairs. Setting up a table or booth at a college, you can interact with students who are about to graduate. You can get a feel for how you will engage with younger workers. You will be able to see the differences in their perspective, skills, and outlook.

Talking to prospective candidates who are about to graduate may offer up some skilled, hard-working, and enthusiastic employees. Give it a try!

4. Conduct video interviews.

Before you have employees come in for an in-person interview, you should conduct interviews over video conferencing software.

You’ll be able to get a feel for your candidates quickly. Right away you will know whether they would fit the company culture and vibe of the job. Are they well-dressed for the interview? Are they articulate? Do they have a good video and audio setup? All the details that you will receive from an online interview can make a huge difference.

You can avoid wasting time and hiring the wrong person because you feel pressure to hire them when they’re in front of you.

5. Have someone sift applications for you.

When you are the hiring manager or the owner of the company, you might not have time to go through all the applications yourself. That’s why you should have someone go through the applications to determine who is not eligible for the job.

This process will help your business eliminate the applicants that don’t fit before the resumes even hit your desk. Not only will it speed the process along, but you will also have a clearer view of what you want and who qualifies based on the small number of applicants that you have.

6. Lean on trusted referrals when hiring.

One of the most effective ways to hire people is through trustworthy referrals. When you trust someone who works with you already or someone you’ve worked with in the past, you will be able to find good workers who are also trustworthy.

Even if you’ve never worked with a person, if you trust them and their opinions, a referral still might work. Referrals are an easy but effective way to interact with new candidates for specific positions. This is especially true when you have very skilled and specialized jobs open.

When you need talented people, you should ask the people you already know who a good fit would be. Referrals can really come in handy when you are looking for new hires.

7. Be upfront about your expectations.

When you are hiring new employees, you should be upfront about what you expect from them. Describe the tasks in detail and be honest about the kind of person you need to do the job.

When you are transparent about the kind of worker you need to take on the position, you will narrow it down naturally. Some people won’t want the job if it doesn’t suit them, or you’ll be able to tell exactly why the person isn’t good for it. You should even have them read the employee handbook to see if they are diligent and a right fit.

Whatever your expectations, when you make them clear you will have a better chance at finding the right person.

Summing Up

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, finding new employees is tough right now.

You may not be able to easily interact with the right candidates, but luckily there are many outlets, platforms, and apps to help you find qualified workers who will be able to get the job done. Whether you are looking for highly skilled engineers or someone to fill an administrative job, you should always utilize whatever you have at your disposal.

Crafting a concise and effective hiring process can facilitate your needs, but the most important thing is to sift through applications quickly, looking for a specific set of standards for the job. Once you have done all you can do, the right employee is more likely to emerge.

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