Small Business Technology: 5 Recent Updates

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Five technology advancements from the last few weeks — along with an explanation of how they may influence your firm — are highlighted here.

Five technology advancements from the last few weeks — along with an explanation of how they may influence your firm — are highlighted here.

As you were busy working for small business success, did you get a chance to notice these five recent technology developments? If not, let’s get you back up to speed.

1. Microsoft offers a free tool to help you work more efficiently.

Hey, why not grab it? Microsoft is now offering a free trial of a lightweight version of its productivity program Microsoft Lists to Microsoft Account (MSA) customers.

Individuals and small businesses will benefit from Lists. The new edition of the app seeks to provide a straightforward representation of your most essential chores in one place. Previously, the preview app could only be downloaded as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Why is this significant for your small business?

Some firms install customer relationship management systems and encourage their customers to utilize the system’s built-in tasks. They then share endless to-do lists with their staff. It helps to cut down on red tape.

On the other hand, Microsoft Lists is a simple method for small organizations and individuals to keep open tasks. Additionally, since it’s free (and mobile), you may want to give it a try as a productivity tool for you and your team.

2. Amazon is increasing the cost of its Prime membership.

Amazon stated that it would raise the price of Prime membership. The monthly price will increase from $13 to $15.

For new customers, the increase will take effect on February 18th, and for current customers who renew after March 25th, the growth will take effect on February 18th. However, according to the company, the price rise is due to Amazon’s growth of Prime privileges, transportation expenses, and increased salaries.

Therefore, why is this significant for your small company?

Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, and other cloud service providers have quietly increased their monthly rates. In consequence, this is the most severe issue with the cloud.

It isn’t a matter of safety.

Software companies can raise our expenses at will since we’re not going to go through the hassle of canceling subscriptions. However and by the way, if you want to cut down on your membership charges, consider utilizing TrueBill to identify and cancel them for you.

3. Employees use cunning ruses on Zoom to make themselves look more active online.

According to a recent study, remote workers have begun to use devious methods to make themselves look busier than they are at home.

Workers utilize methods like angling their laptop cameras in meetings to look more authoritative. However, in addition, they attend Zoom meetings while riding an exercise bike to appear active, healthy, and disciplined. Therefore, to seem busy, 56 percent of survey participants have left meetings for non-existent meetings.

Why is this significant for your company?

Kids are going to be kids. Unfortunately, certain workers feel like there is no choice except to act in this manner.

Childish actions force businesses to impose more stringent regulations on the rest of their teams, regardless of how hard they work. Therefore, experts feel that leaders will minimize this issue in the following years as more firms choose to replace their personnel with technology.

So, if you’re an employee doing this and believe you’re deceiving your boss, be careful. However, you’ll be the first to be replaced in the end.

4. Wrk has received $43 million in funding to assist companies with typical process automation.

Wrk, a Canadian business, has secured $43.56 million in funding. The company helps businesses automate business operations using solutions including API connections, bots, and RPA (robotic process automation).

Clients engage with the firm to enhance automation. They only charge for service upon completion. Wrk intends to utilize the latest investment to expand its platform to fill a need in the automation industry and continue to reshape how businesses operate.

Why is this significant for your company?

In the spirit of automation, here’s a technology that might help your company do more jobs more quickly. Is it compatible with your present system? Find out now.

5. TravelPerk, a small business travel marketplace, has secured $115 million in funding.

TravelPerk, a travel management startup, secured $115 million in investment. Therefore, with corporate travel returning, the firm intends to expand its small and medium-sized business offering.

Why is this significant for your company?

Therefore, if you often travel and spend too much time booking flights, hotels, and rental vehicles, look to this software for budgeting.

TravelPerk will use the funds to assist its business teams in planning in-person meetings and developing its travel offerings. The corporation also intends to grow into other areas, including the United States.

Trying new things takes time and effort. However, given the stakes here, what have you got to lose?

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