Zoom Is Getting Into Customer Service

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Some of the Latest in Small Business Technology: Zoom is getting into customer service and other small business tech news.

Some of the Latest in Small Business Technology: Zoom is getting into customer service and other small business tech news.

Listed below are five technological developments and how they may affect your organization. Zoom is just for starters. Did you miss these items?

1. Zoom is branching out into customer service.

Zoom has unveiled its new Zoom Contact Center solution. That is to say, it will broaden its customer care offerings.

Zoom Contact Center will continue to operate with video conferencing. Consequently, it allows businesses to engage with consumers swiftly. Zoom hopes to consolidate all parts of customer support into a single, easy-to-use solution for managers and operators with the expansion.

Why is this significant for your company?

  • With pandemic demand fading and more employees returning to work, Zoom has to find new ways to make money, and delivering video-based customer support tools strikes me as a brilliant idea.
  • For small organizations to consider Zoom Contact Center a realistic alternative, greater integration and collaborations with other customer care, help desk, and customer relationship management applications are required.

2. Self-driving vehicles are becoming a thing.

Self-driving trucks are causing a land grab in the vicinity of major cities. Consequently, they have fewer incidents to report.

As the demand for driverless cars grows, some speculators rush to buy property outside of major cities. However, they aren’t the automobiles you’d expect to see. It’s not the automobiles. It’s all about trucks. And in-house technology.

As autonomous trucks become more ubiquitous — and a few large businesses have huge aspirations for this technology — suburban stops will be needed. That is to say, places where people can climb in the cab and take control of the truck for the last few tricky kilometers.

Why is this significant for your company?

  • We’ve heard about self-driving vehicles, but they’re still a long way off. That’s because many talented individuals, including Uber employees and even Elon Musk, have stated that these tasks are more complex than they anticipated.
  • But what about autonomous trucks? Now there’s a thought. That’s because trucks can safely drive themselves along a highway, saving money on petrol and decreasing insurance premiums. As long as humans finish the remaining part.
  • Therefore, it’s logical, and it might be the first generally accepted use of autonomous technology in the coming years.

3. Walmart will deploy technology to assist customers in trying on garments.

This week, the retailer launched a test version of its “Choose My Model” try-on option, driven by neural networks. Customers may choose models that “better resemble their looks and body type” then try on virtual replicas of their clothing choices to see how they’ll look.

Walmart adds it will continue to increase its model choices over time, according to TechCrunch. Walmart has plans to debut over 70 new models in the coming weeks to provide greater variation in terms of size, skin tone, and even hair color.

Why is this significant for your company?

  • Will this be the last time they use the dressing room? Most likely not.
  • However, it’s another tool that innovative businesses will use in the following years to assist shoppers in purchasing their goods.
  • Additionally, it’ll be fascinating to see which “models” people pick to represent me. Experts like the George Costanza look…not.

4. Pittsburgh firms introduce technology to analyze bridges from the ground up to the sky above.

Following a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh, Penn., local firms have leveraged their associated technologies to construct their bridges and develop their businesses in January.

Mach9 Robots, a local company, was the first to respond. They were there using robotics and sensor technology to survey subsurface and surface regions and generate geospatial models of critical infrastructure in minutes.

Why is this significant for your company?

  • Unfortunately, necessity is the mother of creativity, and it takes a catastrophe — or the threat of a tragedy — to generate chances for entrepreneurs.
  • The collapse of a bridge in Pittsburgh provided an excellent chance for local entrepreneurs to show how their innovations might enhance infrastructure safety.

5. Etsy’s post-pandemic aim is to increase the number of guys who shop there.

Etsy is looking for its next move now that the masks and home décor purchasing frenzy have subsided.

Etsy recently reported that half of the male buyers in the United States had no idea what Etsy was, according to a study performed in 2020. According to the same report, 80 percent of Etsy consumers are female. Therefore, Etsy attempts to attract more male buyers to the site by placing tailored advertisements on male-dominated channels.

Why is this significant for your company?

  • Small companies might consider selling on Etsy. However, they mainly serve a female audience.
  • If you’re an Etsy reseller – or thinking about becoming one – make use of the platform’s new options and focus on male clients.
  • It’s an opportunity to save money on advertising while potentially reaching a larger audience.
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