10 Advanced Ways To Level-Up Your Online Marketing in 2022

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 The majority of the CMOs worldwide think it is a good practice to re-strategize their marketing processes since the marketing landscape is ever-shifting, and to stay ahead of the curve you need to keep upgrading. In this blog, we have listed out 10 advanced marketing points that’ll help you optimize, streamline, pivot, and level-up your online marketing endeavors. Interestingly, best WordPress hosting practices and customer experience have also made a list.

1. Buyer Persona

 Even though creating a buyer persona is the most common thing you do in the beginning of the campaigns –  it is crucial to give it a look across multiple stages of your online marketing. More so, if your business has seen any of the following changes:

  • Introduced new products or services
  • Modified the existing ones
  • Scaled your business (either up or down)

You can conduct research, surveys, and interviews; look at your customer feedback and customer satisfaction metrics to help you frame a more precise buyer persona for the future. 

2. Audit Your 2021 KPIs

In businesses, what you can’t see doesn’t exist. To level-up your online marketing in 2022, it’s important to see how you did this past year, which will help you pivot, optimize, or re-strategize whenever needed.

  • Conversion Rates: how many people convert from visitors to customers?
  • Customer Loyalty: count your repeat customers.
  • Social Media Reach and Engagement: what are the number of likes, comments, subscribers, etc.?
  • Inbound Link Building: how many people are linking to your website?

Tools to track your past year’s KPIs:

Google Analytics: view all important KPIs like bounce rate and traffic in one place

Twitter Analytics: to track people’s engagement there

Social Sprout:  a social media enabling and social listening tool (more on this later)

Ahrefs and Semrush: measure inbound links

Funnelytics: to visualize the performance of your customer journeys

Hotjar: Data-driven user insights and more

3. Social Listening Tools

Social media listening is important because it offers direct windows to what your customer thinks about your business at a ground level.

It is also something you need to do constantly as customers’ expectations of your business and how they feel about your business are dynamic.

Moreover, these tools analyze all your brand mentions in the form of comments, tags, etc and tell you if they’re positive, negative, or neutral – offering you highly valuable insights to tailor your online marketing endeavors.

Here are some good social media listening tools:

 4. Automation

Did you know that 63% of companies using marketing automation outperformed competitors? (Moosend)

Automation in digital marketing can help you:

  • Mitigate human error and lags
  • Takes away simple, high-frequency tasks from your people, freeing them for complex tasks
  • Make customers happy

Additionally, here are ways to automate online marketing processes:

  • Social media: Buffer and HootSuite helps you automatically post on social media after you’ve scheduled the posts.
  • Ticketing software: Zendesk helps you send tickets after a customer or visitor reaches out to you, reducing FRTs.
  • Conversational Chatbots: ManyChat and Tidio use AI and ML to answer customers’ and visitors’ basic FAQs.
  • Emails: Mailchimp helps you send automated and personalized emails.

5. Watch Trends

Watching trends will help you stay up to date with all that’s happening in online marketing. Here’s how to do it:

6. Personalize

Customers crave a personalized experience. Here are some numbers to support that.

71% of consumers get frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal. (Segment)

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. (Epsilon)

80% of frequent shoppers only shop with brands that personalize the experience. (SmarterHQ)

Some tips for personalized online marketing:

  • Collect and leverage customer data
  • Make conversations human even when online through live chats
  • Send personalized emails and texts
  • Send special coupons and discount offers (especially on birthdays)

 7. Revamp Website

The goal of all digital marketing efforts is to bring customers to our website and convert them. Therefore, it is important to keep websites up to date in terms of speed, aesthetics, and even safety.

For example, here are some ways how:

Improve Hosting: makes websites fast and safe. Here’s how to choose the best hosting for WordPress websites. 

Attractive Landing Pages and CTAs: this directly helps in lead generation.

Overall branding: Logaster, a brand-building company, offers solutions from business name generation to business card designers and offers a wide variety of digital branding tools.

8. Focus on CX

The merrier your customers, the better your ROI. So, make customers feel good across the journey, from connecting with them through live chat to sending them personalized offers and targeting them with tailored marketing messages. 

9. Optimize for Voice 

Have a list of conversational keywords that prospects might use to search for your business. Adding those to your on-site content can help it become conversational and also make voice search keywords detectable. Hopefully, this video by Neil Patel, the world’s top digital marketer, will help optimize for voice and level-up your online marketing strategy.

10. Investigate Your Competitors

The first thing to do to optimize digital marketing is to see what your competitors are doing to increase their presence online.

Here’s how to do a quick competition analysis:

  • Ahrefs, to know the competition’s search results rankings
  • SEMrush, for insights on their paid ads
  • GeoRanker, for researching your competition’s local directory profiles

So, to see their email marketing campaigns, just sign into one. We guarantee this will yield highly valuable insights.

Cheers to More ROIs

It’s easy to level-up your online marketing. So, we hope this article gives you actionable insights that you can take to your desks and start getting the ROIs on your digital marketing campaigns that you’ve always desired.

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