How to Grow your Small Business on Instagram with Marketing

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The modern world of commerce and business is one that is built on the foundation of online businesses or online proximity via marketing efforts. Instagram is slated as the second-best platform for digital marketing after its sister company, Facebook.

The platform allows for image and video posts to be directly pushed through users’ feeds via story and wall-post features. This is a great natural way to break obscurity and let people know about your business and your message. By creating posts, you yourself can have free content to share your brand and your services with the world.

However, when you are just starting out it can be difficult to catch that wind and break your obscurity. When growing your small business it is good to have several tricks and strategies to make sure you are using your time and material to its fullest on the app. Here are several key components and strategies to help grow your small business on Instagram.

How to Grow Your Small Business on Instagram?

Use New Features

Instagram wants the adoption of its new features by fully utilizing the application to its fullest and most respectfully frequent amounts, Instagram will reward the post with boosted algorithm standing. Think about “the Carousel” feature, when it was getting pushed it got pushed first to the accounts with the highest usage and traffic. Subsequently, it became operable to the crowd with less frequent engagement both within the app and the app itself.

By utilizing new tools and opportunities a business can help boost familiarity and usher the UI – User Interface, experience to all the future adopters. Again, by harnessing a new tool and serving Instagram by boosting familiarity. This is huge.

Frequent Posting

As stated previously, boosting appeal is the number one way to get adopted. Instagram wants user retention on the app. This causes them to boost content that increases retention and has a positive response. Think Mr. Beast’s “replace ‘algorithm’ with ‘audience’ and restate the sentence.”

The app’s purpose is to push the content people enjoy to them so they will give more time and attention to the platform. For the marketing-minded this is to integrate an idea of necessity with the Instagram brand and to increase visual time and opportunity to sell whatever it is, a business is pushing them to sell.

Sponsored vs Organic Traffic

Think paid vs played here. What have you earned and how have you earned it? Where is your position within the algorithm? Where is your position within the audience? Frequent, high-quality posts will earn you followers. By gaining followers, the software recognizes you and pushes more potential followers your way. Likewise, if those clicks just aren’t coming through or your content seems to be falling on deaf ears you can always make the jump to sponsored content.

By utilizing either method you are able to unlock a platform for a new audience. Once that traction has been acquired you are free to roll forward however you see fit. Keep in mind that while boosting your post with sponsorship may help initially, there is no replacement for frequent, active engagement on the platform.

Organized Posting and Optimizing

Besides just posting often and using new features it is not uncommon for there to be an ideal time to post, when it will hit the best possible gamut for algorithmic dissemination. Maybe that’s Wednesday at 3 a.m. Maybe that’s Sunday evening. Or maybe it’s during your late Monday lunch break.

Regardless, knowing the little nuances of when and how can greatly increase the “intangible” impacts that your post may carry. By knowing this and harnessing the most optimum time to post, you can once again increase the “bang for your buck” with each post. Getting them to appear in a space where they can reach their full potential in either a consistent upload schedule or specific times of the day or the week can greatly increase traffic without added work or headaches.

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