Here is a short list of topics Ramon Ray (Editor & Technology Evangelist, presents on. Want him to present on something else? Ask.

Who is Ramon Ray – Marketing & Technology Evangelist at Infusionsoft and Ramon’s passion is helping small business owners grow through leveraging marketing and technology as strategic tools. Ramon is a best selling author, speaker, journalist, event producer, former technology consultant, former technology analyst. He loves to do puppet shows in developing countries. Read Ramon’s bio here .


Date Your Leads and Marry Your Customers with Lifecylce Marketing:

Lifecycle Marketing is a 7 step process which shows you how to get more leads, increase sales, create loyal customers and more! Lifecycle Marketing consists of attract traffic, capture leads, nurture prospects, convert to sales, deliver and satisfy, upsell and get referrals. In this presentation Ramon shares examples and best practices of how small businesses, just like you, have succeeded with Lifecycle Marketing. YOU will (often times) leave this presentation with a Lifecycle Marketing planner booklet, customized for YOUR business full of ideas and tips to help you begin Lifecycle Marketing in your own business.

Personal Branding: How To Build Buzz and Profits Using Your Personal Brand

As small business owner you don’t have a big brans like Nike or Starbucks. However, you have a personal brand, which is so important to the growth of your business. Ramon Ray ( will show, from his personal experience, the 5 steps necessary to build your personal brand and ensure that YOU (not your logo or your business cards) are on people’s minds when they think of the product or service you sell. Ramon will share HIS personal journey in building his brand resulting in book deals, speaking engagements and more.

Free Publicity: How to get the media to listen to you and cover your business

Getting the media to cover your business is not hard. But it does take time and a strategic plan of action (and some luck). Ramon’s received media coverage and he’ll show you how he’s done it. Ramon will show you his proven method for having journalists, producers, and others in the media listen to you and report about you (or your company, product, service, etc) Ramon Ray ( will show you how.

11 Rules of Technology Success: Strategically Use Tech To Save Time & Money and Grow Your Business

Technology is one of the most empowering ways that small businesses can GROW their businesses. There are a few core fundamentals that every business owner needs ot impelment in order to leverage technology as an aset to grow their business.
In this presentation, Ramon Ray ( will outline 11 of the CORE fundaments that every business owner needs to undersand and properly implement.
Ever wish you could better understand how to use “technology”. Confused by CRM, social media, mobile technology and other tech tools, terms and services. Ramon Ray ( will give you the low down on how to strategically use technology as an ASSET to grow your business.

Social Content Marketing: Shut up and Listen To Your Customers

Social Media is all about creating relevant content that creates a relationships with you and your potential customers. In this presentation Ramon ( will give you a step by step overview of how the best practices to leverage social media in your business. He’ll share concrete examples of what companies have doing RIGHT and examples of what companies have done WRONG. He’ll leave you with “take home” insight to use content marketing as a powerful tool for business growth.

Facebook Marketing for Business – with a touch of Social Media 101

In this discussion Ramon Ray ( helps business owners understand F.R.E.A. – the secret to social media success. Frequent. Relevant. Engaged. Analyze. and much more. You’ll leave with simple tips that you can implement in your business TODAY!

Life is a Journey: Zig When Others Zag and Other Tips for Young Professionals
In this discussion Ramon Ray ( challenges young people to change the world, overcome their obstacles and life a fuller life. You’ll laugh, you might cry – but you’ll definitely leave with a new perspective on life.