Mobile Ecommerce

GoDaddy Enhances Mobile Shopping With ApplePay and Shopping Cart Intelligence

Apple is the leading mobile payment solution for many retailers. GoDaddy announced that today small business retailers using GoDaddy can now let their customers buy with Apple Pay. GoDaddy also announced 3 upgrades to its shopping cart features. These upgrades include: Smart mobile checkout: redesigned checkout flow to minimize all friction points for customers to complete […]

GoDaddy Hosting & Ecommerce Review: A Great Option for SmallBiz Owners

GoDaddy Hosting & Ecommerce Helps SmallBiz Owners Set Up an Online Presence

This article was written in partnership with GoDaddy, a company that offers domain name registration as well as hosting and ecommerce services to help you develop your online presence. The phrase rings out on websites all over the Internet – if you’re a business, “you HAVE to be online!” Although most small business owners will […]

Two Services That Help Create A Cohesive Online Brand Between Your Web and Social Media Sites

Few things display how well a business is run better than cohesion. So when you create your social media pages, what could be better than to design them exactly how you’ve designed your website to maintain a cohesive online brand? When your social media is so perfectly integrated that Twitter or Facebook reflects your business […]

Beyond Hot Chicks: GoDaddy Is Going Beyond Domain Names To Service Your Small Business

For several years, we’ve come to know GoDaddy as doing two things very well: a) selling cheap domain names and b) advertising those domain names through scantly clad women. The strategy looks like it’s paid off. However, there has been an audience turned off by GoDaddy’s advertising as well. Godaddy is a new company – from […]